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Albert Einstein

From the time I was a small boy until now am 24 years old, my greatest desire has been to be a physicist. I have hence forth grown up possessing a great adoration to prominent physicians. I have grown up cherish and admiring the works of Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and Michael Faraday. I have particularly admired Albert Einstein and I have always considered him to be a genius of his own class. What else can I say about a man whose photograph and his are literal synonyms for genius?

Or of the person who at the age of 16 was thinking about what light would look like if he traveled next to it at the speed of light? I have always held such crazy thoughts myself and though I have been condemned by my age mates, I have not lost track and I believe I am in the right direction to becoming a great physicist, just like Einstein. Apart from admiring and holding in great awe the mind and works of Albert Einstein, I also admire the accomplishments of physicist Chengning Yang and Tsung-dao Lee who were jointly awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1957.

Having in mind that Albert Einstein also received this prize in 1921, I hold the constant aspiration of becoming a great physicist who will then go ahead to achieve a Nobel peace prize. This is my dream and all I need is a platform to realize and achieve it. Having been born and brought up in Iran, I have faced many challenges some of which threatened my academic progression. With the fear of a political instability I had thought that my dream of becoming a physicist had come to an end.

Being a person with a Perfect physique in high school, there was always the pressure from my parents, friends and relatives to join the army. My friends and age mates also pressured me and teased me when I told them that my dream is to become a physicist and not a soldier. This did not deter me but it influenced me positively to work even harder for the realization of my dreams. While I was in high school, I received straight A’s in almost all physics exams. After graduating from high school, I realized how emotionally attached I was to this field.

What I have learnt in High school has exposed me to the fundamental knowledge of this discipline and I therefore wish to take further my knowledge by being admitted in a reputable college offering me such an opportunity. I am an avid reader of Physics books and journals so as I can always be informed on any new developments in this field. Apart from physics, I love sports my favorites being Tennis and Basket ball. For two years I taught Tennis to kids in our estate and in these years, we won all the tournaments in my locality.

Therefore I am a dedicated sportsman who keeps fit by going to the gym very early in the morning. On social aspects, I am a member of the fire fighting team and this has shown me the importance of being obedient, being punctual, following orders and working as a team. I have realized that failure to do so may cause loss of a life. From this task, I have developed vital values and attributes that have helped me relate well with my seniors, my juniors and people around me.

I am highly aware of the superb reputation of your institution. Through talking to several of your school alumni, my desire and interest has deepened. Your college comes on top of my priorities as it is a top ranking and a well performing college in the United States. In the Physics department, there is none parallel to it either in the United States or anywhere else in the world. I therefore hold a strong belief and conviction that your College is the best placed to lay my solid foundation of becoming the next Albert Einstein.

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