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Corporation Visit Preparation

Growing up in Saudi Arabia has been a challenge in itself. I come from a family of (number of people in your family) and we maintain very close family ties. I finished my elementary education at (name of elementary school), my high school education at (name of high school), and went on to pursue various courses in College. I took up English literature from the Riyadh College of Arts after which I went on to take up International Professional Development from the University of Nebraska in Omaha.

This course included training and skills development in Global Business Communication, Sales& Negotiation, Business Writing, Listening Skills, Discussion, Corporation Visit Preparation/Seminar, Business Management and Effective Presentation. I am currently earning my Masters in Liberal Arts with Emphasis on Leadership and Management from the Oklahoma City University. Hopefully, when I finish my master’s degree in March, I plan to earn admission to your university and pursue a doctor’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management.

I have had varied experiences when I was in Saudi Arabia, mostly related to international human relations, events organization, education and management. I left my hometown and my job as a graduate student advisor and translator in 2006 to pursue my education here in the states. I know that my international educational background can greatly help in my sincere dedication to helping my fellowmen. I have backgrounds in formative evaluation, particularly through my educational experiences.

I am an advocate of constructivism which uses exploration and active learning as a means to improve knowledge construction, as opposed to knowledge acquisition. I am particularly interested in acquiring a doctorate ( Ed. D) in Educational Leadership and management because I am the kind of person who wants to learn as much as I can. Other than this, I am aware that continuing education can supply me with valuable practical knowledge that I can use to improve my approach to my career.

There are very few leaders in the field of education, especially in Saudi Arabia, and my chosen course, which is Educational Leadership and Management will equip me with the needed skills so that I don’t just become an educational manager and leader, but I can also take the first step in encouraging others like me to contribute their share in the development of quality education in my country.

Eventually, I want to be part of a quality circle for education with the collective aim of improving this particular field; further, I would like to develop skills in summative evaluation which I may need to effectively identify areas of improvement in education as well as in schools. I am confident that with my doctor’s degree in Educational Leadership and Management, I would be more equipped with ensuring total quality management and its various elements; group purpose, cooperative philosophy, training for all, improvement, and effective leadership.

In as much as the course I am interested in will be founded on the context of the university I am currently in, I can be sure that what I will learn will be tailor-fitted to my particular needs and the needs of the educational sector in my country. This course can help me develop a more strategic and creative approach to managing educational institutions, both private and public. My major area of interest is the management aspect of higher education. As we all know, higher education equips students with very important life-skills, and this is the phase where our young develop their career paths.

Managing this particular area of education means having a hand in the development of my country; this can be achieved by developing individual minds and making them productive members of the society that they are in. In addition, I am also interested in fortifying my knowledge about IEPs or individualized education plans, which I could use in my work with children with disabilities. Open education is also something that appeals to me a lot. I am aware that for educational managers, there are three kinds, the responder, initiator and manager types.

I believe that these three qualities can all be rolled in to one. In the area of education itself, it is a fact that intelligence can be altered by instruction which may either be synthetic, analytic or practical (Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence). Intelligence, which is divided into 8 types, according to Gardner, all with equal importance, should be improved with instruction and the acquisition of knowledge. I am one with Albert Einstein when he said that “… knowledge must continually be renewed by ceaseless effort, if it is not to be lost.

It resembles a statue of marble which stands in the desert and is continually threatened with burial by the shifting sand. The hands of service must ever be at work, in order that the marble continue to lastingly shine in the sun. To these serving hands mine shall also belong. (Einstein, On Education, 1950). ” I believe that education is a lifetime process; we never stop learning until we die, so while we are still able to learn, we have to take every opportunity to do so. Education gives us the knowledge that Einstein refers to as something that should be continually renewed.

The world’s greatest minds recognize the value of knowledge and education, and I am not going to be the first to refute any of these beliefs, because I believe so, as well. The world needs quality educational leaders and managers who exhibit the qualities of both an effective leader and a dedicated educator. Effective leaders should be good followers at the same time. Being able to recognize your footing and where you stand make for an effective leadership. Effective leaders should be able to identify or come up with a strategic plan or approach and stick to this consistently.

In the same manner, leaders should also be very knowledgeable of the field they are in, otherwise, policy and organizational development will suffer. Leaders should also be a role model and lead with integrity; careful not to tarnish his/her or other’s reputations. Furthermore, as leaders, we should be able to make sound and efficient decisions based on critical or creative thought. Leaders should value their subordinates as well as what they have to say, because organizational development can be achieved with participation.

Most importantly, as a leader, we should be able to accept our mistakes and recognize that although we try our very best to be right all the time, this does not always happen, human as we are. I have varied exposure in terms of schooling in universities for diverse populations. As we all know, Saudi Arabia is a multi-cultural country and in our universities, you encounter students from all walks of life. Dealing with them as a student advisor can be very fulfilling and frustrating at the same time.

Fulfillment comes from being able to effectively assist them in their needs like during admissions, enrollment, and the like; and frustration comes from the thought that what I might be doing might not be enough, and there is more that I can do. I have also worked with handicapped children and this, in particular, gave me much joy. Another memorable experience of mine was when I taught English to high school students. The challenges are great when teaching additional English strengthening skills to Arabic students, but the more challenging something is, the more motivated I get.

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