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Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree

My desire to pursue PhD in Leadership has been inspired by my skills in computer, knowledge about highly technical innovations, and values that have been imparted to me by my parents and mentors. Apart from that, I am inspired to utilize my skills and profession in helping others and in helping the society from various societal burdens. I also want to develop further my knowledge in Leadership and further maximize my skills to its full potential.

I believe that through education, I will be more capable of handling duties with an encompassing and more challenging responsibilities. For this reason, I intend to be admitted to Bowling Green State University’s Doctor of Education program in Leadership Studies. Undeniably, admission to the program requires an outstanding performance in school. However, I believe that attitude towards such aspiration is more significant factor that should be considered. As for me, I only have a GRE Score of (insert score) which is considerably low and may affect my application.

However, this does not discourage me from becoming part of the Leadership Studies graduate program because I am filled with enthusiasm and determination to break all the barriers that may pull me down from realizing my goals. In addition to this, I was able to finish and comply with all the requirements of my Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree in Computer Science. I also had remarkable accomplishments in the field of computer science. In addition, my passion to pursue the program continues to inspire me to be better in every project or work I do.

While in school, I was engaged in several software projects. Among the remarkable projects I accomplished is the Student Registration System. It is a system that is capable of registering students and class faculty in the system. It is also capable of tracking students, faculty attendance, and reports through the Crystal Report. Another is the Report Generator using GDI+ classes which I prepared while completing my master’s degree. The project was created to help developers prepare reports easily.

It is capable of getting inputs from xml/html files and may even be programmed according to the preferences of the developer. Another is the Document Management System which is capable of tracking documents in an organization. As for my technical qualifications, I have a wide understanding and adept familiarity with programming languages, databases such as Oracle 10g, MySOL, MSAccess, Design, Operating System, and others. My interest in computer has evolved since childhood.

Such interest has turned into passion that made me seriously pursue a serious career in Computer Science. Since I have obtained the degrees that have formally licensed me to practice my profession, I intend to enhance my career growth by making the necessary preparations for leadership and management roles. Thus, armed with the knowledge and skills that I will acquire from this program, I believe that I will be able to take on the challenges that I may encounter in my professional life, specifically those that require leadership knowledge and skills.

Aside from that, I am determined to accomplish a doctor of education degree in leadership studies to further develop my capabilities in helping others. I have chosen Bowling Green State University to be my partner in the realization of my dream because I have already tested the school’s capability to develop students determined to achieve their own dreams. Apart from that, I obtained my Masters degree from such school.

More importantly, I admire the school for being student-centered and for being committed to generate more students having a heart for the society. Furthermore, since the school provided me with the best education for my undergraduate studies and master’s program, I already developed loyalty towards the school. For these, I am confident that the school is the perfect choice in training and in affording me the knowledge to earn my a doctorate degree in leadership.

Furthermore, I believe that values are necessary in helping one to succeed in his or her chosen profession. As for me, I am confident that despite having a low GRE score, my determination, commitment, patience, and endurance are adequate to support my desire to pursue and complete the graduate program in leadership studies. In considering my application, I hope that the school will not look into my weakness but on the burning inspiration and sincere commitment that have led me to courageously pursue the program.

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