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Public administrator

Public service is a practice that not all people would want themselves to engage in. Most of the duties of public administrators are centered on giving out a considerable amount of time for other individuals and setting aside personal matters in order to carry out virtually every aspect of serving the public and continuously address challenges for the good of many. It may appear that becoming a public administrator is an opportunity to showcase one’s leadership capabilities. However, the complexity that lies within such task is something that many people are afraid of.

Yet, with the growing number of sectors that needs the aid of individuals who are willing to participate in serving the public, the opportunity to pursue a profession in such a field is something that one should not easily disregard. Sharing my time and knowledge and leading other individuals to promote positive change have been a few of my passions. The people I have dealt with throughout my life made me understand the importance of change in promoting the enhancement of various aspects in the society.

Hence, I found Masters in Public Administration as a course that would enable me to integrate my own passions and at the same time gain new experiences and opportunities that would further increase my public service know-how. My appreciation for public service occurred to me when I was still in high school. Back then, I was living in Taiwan, and I was always the eager participant in providing community services. It was then that I realized how being able to help other people could be frustrating and fulfilling at the same time.

During my college years, I managed to continue such practice by joining activities like church fund raising that benefited the poor and the needy children as well as promoted community awareness. I also had my share of helping out the people in senior retirement homes by taking care of the elderly. Such perspective further intensified when I helped my father in our family hotel business. I managed to deal with the concerns of hotel staffs, took note of my father’s capability to address matters from local and international clients, and equipped myself with the things regarding the business.

From there, I have learned that public administration is not limited to participating in community centers, schools, and universities alone; rather, the flexibility to work in different settings should not be overlooked. Both the public and nonprofit sectors are environments where public administration extends itself, and the hotel business that we have is a good training ground that requires a lot of determination to effectively deal with factors that are very much related with public administration which are pressures, processes, and regulations.

Another reason why I want to pursue a career in public administration is due to the idea of being able to find solutions to social challenges despite the limited resources available. Just the thought of being able to contribute in revitalizing various aspect of the community is already a fulfillment. Likewise, educating others and being able to apply leadership and resource-management skills and the idea of constant learning is an opportunity that makes public administration a venerating pursuit.

In many ways, the things I have learned from my experiences during the past plays a significant role in my desire to take a master’s in public administration, not because I already acquired some of the knowledge and skills of a public administrator, but also the things that I have learned taught to me to become flexible and to appreciate the people around me who take their time in doing what they can to improve the standards of living of the society where they belong. Likewise, my experiences became a ground for me to realize my full potentials as a public administrator.

It has also shaped me to adapt easily to extreme situations which will be helpful in my future line of work. In order to fulfill my goals, I believe that the Master of Public Administration Program offered by (name of school) is a perfect choice to embark upon my education and to advance my career life. I know that the university has a strong record when it comes to public administration trainings that are handled by professionals and are not limited to the urban setting but also extend itself to rural communities.

Likewise, with the university’s high standards of education, taking advantage of its Master of Public Administration Program would allow me to have a secure future in the field of my choice. Hence, my positive outlook in life that has been molded by various challenges, my dedication to my academic perspectives, and working experiences compliment the program that the university has laid upon me. Over the years, my interest in the field of public administration has never fade. The challenges and difficulties of helping others do not serve as hindrances for me to embrace my field of choice.

Instead, my desire to improve the overall quality of living is further intensified by the said factors. The need to be of service to people has always been embedded in my personality. Alongside my passion to promote positive change and my capability to interact meaningfully with people of diverse background, I am now prepared to pursue my goal of becoming a public administrator. I know that this university’s Master of Public Administration Program will become a ground for me to strive hard in fulfilling a path that encompasses my passions and a responsibility that have challenged me since then.

In the end, what I would be able to gain through the aid of the university would serve as an investment for me to be one step closer in fulfilling my aspirations. In return, I am ensuring that I am an ideal candidate for the master of public administration program of (name of school) by welcoming the challenges that the university has to offer and by sharing substantial contributions that would promote higher education during my time as a student and a future public administrator.

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