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Alternatives available

A society’s importance is often measured by a number of contemporaries. The notion of power, importance and rights are most of the time, if not always, given to the majority. However, there is a rule about wise and/or personal preference wherein each creature is entitled the right to choose what he/she wants. In the early scenes of the movie, the colony, forming majority of the entire population, did not provide much options for the ants. Instead, they required them to follow the standard.

This is evident in the scene when all the other ants, unlike Z, were reluctant to dance freely because they are required to follow the rule. In other words, the colony changed the preferences of the ants based on its liking while restricting ant’s independent rights by reducing the alternatives available. The notion is perhaps true, but that doesn’t mean that a group of people can decide for somebody. In the same way, the colony can not decide on things in behalf of the others, most especially if such decision doesn’t follow according to the will of every ant.

The colony’s undertaking in the movie is what we call social structure. Z’s attitude of going beyond the standard was not a betrayal at all because wherever his feet may take him and whatever he does, he would always remain an ant. It is true that like humans, ants too, are not rooted in one place. They need to go out and extend beyond the usual. Z’s decision to leave the colony and move to Insectopia was his own way of finding himself. Perhaps, the change might be difficult for Z when his journey could become downright challenging and disappointing, but that’s the essence of it. Z is not indifferent.

It only follows that conventional bases of society to flourish – that minority can also rule. In the movie, the colony hardly recognized the existence of Z. His insignificance and inadequacy made him isolated and become inexistent from the eyes of many. Z was also one of those weak workers who were considered as mediocre because the soldiers were seemed the well-respected ones. They were kept apart, constrained to do things that a soldier can do and were treated with injustice. Here, discrimination becomes evident just like it is seen in any part of the world not only yesterday but also today.

A prejudgment in itself is unjust. A prejudgment on the strength and wisdom of the weak workers is as unjust. They may be less fortunate, but just like anybody else; they also want to improve their quality of life. However, no matter how severe the injustices brought by social structures are to them, its purpose to provide security and protection over the society will steadfastly remain in the passing of time. Undeniably, it’s hard to imagine a group undivided by responsibilities at hand. Without the proper assignment and segregation of tasks, one can never imagine how an army of soldiers can become victorious in their fights.

If the colony in the movie failed to follow social segregation before they moved to battle, termites would have been victorious by then. In as much as Z wanted to change the whole situation of the colony, it is something that does not happen in a snap of a finger. It takes the world to be cruel before life can be made easier. True enough, it took Z to abandon his insecurity, insignificance, and inadequacy first before the change for the colony took effect. References Amazon. com, Inc. (n. d. ) Antz. Retrieved October 12, 2008, from http://www. amazon. ca/Antz-Eric-Darnell/dp/6305244855

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