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An Art Form from the Heart

My decision to enroll in an elective that is about music is the result of my life long aspiration to know the deeper meaning surrounding the mysteries of music, specifically the reasons for its popularity in every sector of the society, be it the elderly, the professionals, the unlearned , and especially the youth. Also, I was curious of the many different kinds of music genres, and the fact that despite of it being totally different from one another, they still are able to accumulate enormous response from people around the globe.

Needless to say, my music class opened my views on the truth that each of the different type of music that I was exposed to is unique and pleasing, perhaps because of the harmony that they have displayed based on the knowledge and the many experiences in musical concerts that I had been given. Despite of my dream of some day being an Electrical Engineer, I chose to pursue the answers that had been questioning me since my younger years. Thus, I made the step and enrolled in an elective that will give me the answers that I had long been searching.

First among the long list of the benefits that I was able to attain was to learn the distinct differences between the musical instruments, and what mood do they inspire to the listeners. Here, I learned the basic yet important unique functions of wind instruments from string instruments, and of drums from other related instruments such as bells and xylophones. Another benefit that I was able to attain was the numerous concerts, numbering to eighteen with four rehearsals, wherein I was able to see firsthand how music is able to influence people from different sectors of the society.

Perhaps another factor that I was able to observe is the fact that music can be most appreciated in its artistic form, unlike what is often heard on the radio wherein some of the popular songs seemed more like noises instead of a harmonious blending of musical instruments. My reason for this claim are the eighteen concerts that I was able to attend, ranging from Jazz, piano, guitar, voice, and drums, where each of them had its own definite beauty that truly represented the artistic nature of music.

Perhaps of all the benefits mentioned, it is in the enjoyment that I was able to experience in taking up this course that serves as the most important of all. Although to be truthful, I felt sleepy with the piano performance, I nevertheless was able to appreciate its beauty. What was personally surprising was my tremendous enjoyment with the guitar concerts, particularly in its ability to cause its audience to be in a dream-like state where everything in the world is perfect.

Another event that I truly enjoyed was the voice concert, although it also revealed a sad reality, specifically on our tendency to idolize pop singers, such as the ones who are highly popular with the youths today. My reason for this is the obvious incompetence of some of the famous pop singers, especially when compared with the high level of talent of some of the performers that I was able to watch. Perhaps the universal beauty of music is the main reason why it has been enjoyed by so many people from different sectors and in different periods of time.

Perhaps also this universality of music is what gives it the ability to express its message without the use of words, as what I have experienced with the guitar and the piano concerts. This may explain why a certain melody played on a guitar or a piano may result to a sad emotion; or why a lively rhythm of drums may produce a happy and energetic mood; and a smooth melody played on a solo saxophone effects a gloomy and desperate atmosphere. My experiences with the many live concerts have also broadened my views on the beauty of music.

Firstly, because of the exposures to live music, I discovered how inferior a recording is. It was obvious that every instrument in the concert can be heard, compared with recordings where often times only the loud drums and electric guitars are discernable. Also, I noticed that in live concerts, the total package of the stage is combined to add to the completeness of a song, including the actions and the emotions of the performers, the lighting of the stage, the relaxation while sitting and watching the performers as they perform, and the set up of the stage itself.

All of these factors that are absent on recordings complement the beauty of the particular song that can emphasize a particular emotion that it wants to convey. Conclusion My course on music studies gave me the opportunity to learn the complexities of music. Firstly, it allowed me to know the importance of musical instruments, and their individual purpose in making a beautiful song.

I also discovered that music possesses a special ability to convey messages without necessarily using words, making it a universal form of art that can communicate to anyone, regardless of his social stature and nationality. Perhaps more importantly, my experiences in live concerts had made me aware of the true beauty of music in its purest form that is very different from the more popular form of recorded music, particularly on its ability to capture the real emotions that the song wanted to express.

Music, therefore, is an art form that is the complete presentation of the union among different instruments, aimed at conveying a single goal. It is concerned with expressing its message, often times through instruments such as the guitar or piano, irrespective of the audience’s race, as music can do this even in the absence of human words. With this reasoning, music then must have come from the human heart, as it is the only human character where one’s nationality does not amount to anything special.

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