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Cold War

Examining the period that correspond the different phases of the Cold War it should be noted that the whole world was divided on two confronting sides. The core role in supporting the development of strategic foreign affairs of so called western camp was held by the United States of America and the United Kingdom of Great Britain, which were the core participants in establishment of such influential organizations as NATO, The United Nations Organizations, The World Bank, and The World Trade Organization.

But it should be mentioned that participating in the different organizations they also played a significant role on the military arena, seeking for the new allies against the communist camp, using different methods of attracting the third world countries on their side. The term Fog of War could be used for u number of military conflicts and confrontations of this period and the conflicts in Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Argentina, and Chile could be related to as the results of the confrontations between the two camp and their willing to attract the third world countries to the certain political and social set.

It goes without saying that previously mentioned organizations were playing their role in this attraction and significantly influenced the foreign policy of the US and the UK towards the third world countries. The conflict in Korea separated the country on two confronting states and even now the after effects of this conflict are observed. The United States support of the South Korea and their democratic development is inevitable.

Cuban Missile Crisis was also one of the most noticeable events in the post-WWII period, which was solved and prevented due the R. S. McNamara lessons of war. Fortunately the crisis was solved during the 13 days and there was no military actions held. The United States revealed the intensions of the Soviet Union to provide nuclear missiles in Cuba and initiated the negotiation process, which helped to solve the problem. Vietnam War was like Korean scenario, but unfortunately the losses of the both sides and among the local inhabitants.

The United States break out the War seeking for establishment of the democratic state, but the war had quite negative social effect in the country, was very unpopular and the losses were really awful. Latin America has also been the confronting area, where the Soviet allies were living side by side with the countries, supporting democratic intentions of the United States and the allies. The problem of Soviet presence did not assist the peaceful neighboring that is why revolutionary experience of Nicaragua, Chile, Argentina and El Salvador are very much alike.

The United States were intended to support the democratic governments and succeeded in El Salvador and Argentina. The conflicts in these countries and well planned foreign policy helped to avoid significant victims, hence, the fact of opposition and civil war was observed and one of the supporting sides were the United States seeking for additional allies in the Cold War. All these conflicts could be related to as the Fog War, where the presence of the strong ally was inevitable, but not direct (exceptional are cases of the Vietnam War and Cuban Missile Crisis)

Each of them could be used for the brief illustration of almost every conflict as a preventive issue that helped to avoid certain mistakes that could occur and cause the more significant confrontation than it was. For example Cuban confrontation is perfect demonstration of “get data and maximize efficiency”, it helped to avoid the break of the nuclear war. It goes without saying that McNamara is one of the most influential historical figures and a number of his ideas were realized in practice.

In the end I would like to make a stress on the fact that contemporary world is living in quite scrutinized social, political and economical situation and probably the best way to seek for the solution is to return to the roots of politics and works of the Ancient Philosophers. Personally I consider that Aristotle and his ideas dealing with the path of happiness, which described primary needs for being happy (food, warmth, marriage and child rearing) could be the right solution for the present day world. We are always in a hurry. We are seeking for intrigues and power, but in fact we need so little for being happy.

Personally I consider that asceticism helps to reach self harmony and every citizen of the country would seek for the harmony it would be possible to create harmonic world, without constant conflicts, confrontation, intrigues, seeking for solutions and observing the threatening after effects. References: – Errol Morris. The Fog of War. United States: Sony Pictures Classics. 2003 – Greg Grandin. Empire’s Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism. 1st edition. Metropolitan Books: 2003 – Richard Kraut. Aristotle on the Human Good. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1989

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