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Consequences of a College Student Cheating on Exams

Cheating in exams is an immoral and unethical act which normally involve copying answers direct from hidden notes, getting the answer with the help of someone via cell phone, letting others copy one’s answer and submitting assignments copied in verbatim. Everyone of us once in our lives has experienced cheating in college exams. There were situations during our college days when we are pressured to get high grades to pass the subject but we find no time to study as we have other subjects to study. There were also times that we lost our notes or our books or the reference book in the library has been

borrowed by other students ahead of us. From our experience, the only alternative is to cheat as we cannot expect for miracle no matter how hard we pray for it. It can be hypothesized that in the long run, cheating in exams brings no beneficial effect on the individual. This paper aims to elucidate the consequences of cheating to students during college examinations. Consequences of cheating to students in college examinations When a student is already in college, the subjects being studied are directly related to the profession after graduation. It is important that every aspect of all subjects be thoroughly

understood as this will be used in actual employment or work after college. It is believed that what you learn in college as your chosen profession will be a much a part of your professional career. If one chose to be a doctor, the aspect of saving life in near death situations are expectedly ones’ responsibility. We cannot say that my patient succumbed to death because I just copied my answer related to the situation when that was asked in the exam. Related to this scenario, we can now enumerate the consequences of cheating in college examinations. 1. Demeaning oneself and friends

Passive cheating is when we let our friends copy our answers. Active cheating is being practiced by our friends by copying our answers. Due to our kindness to our 2 friends, passive cheating irreversively make our selves the cause of failure of our friends in later life thus destroying the meaning of true friend and who we really are to them. Providing them our answers indirectly rob them the opportunity to learn the knowledge which will be useful in later life. Let’s be real friends to our friends. 2. Active cheating give false sense of achievement If we get good grades due to cheating, our conscience will keep bothering us due

to the fact that we know that the grades that we got does not really represent our level of understanding about the subject. This false sense of achievement will haunt us the rest of our lives specially if our work is related to the subject wherein we cheated. 3. Loss of self confidence From experience, my classmates in college who did a lot of cheating to pass the subjects and graduated due to the acts were observed to be timid and cannot express themselves with confidence in technical issues related to our work now that we are professionals already. We use to study in an open university where nobody except

our selves knew how we framed our assignments and how we got our answers in exams. Also from experience, if we are studying in an open university, let’s be honest to ourselves. If the assignment and exams require lots of research, sacrifices and sleepless nights, so be it. Let us not left any stone unturned for it may be that under the last stone is the answer to our exams. Let us not practice cheating for we are cheating nobody but ourselves. If we graduated due to cheating, we will be afraid to seek and face challenges of employment for we know within ourselves that we know very little.

If we lack time to study due to our other schedules, seek other time available for the exam but be sure we study and understand everything regarding the topic. If we graduated from college knowing within ourselves that we sacrificed a lot to have the knowledge base that we have, then we will be confident facing the challenges knowing pretty well that challenges will make us realize who we really are. 3 4. Cheating is a bad habit and bad habit is easy to become habitual At first, if we cheated by copying from the pieces of small paper that we made for the purpose and not caught and pass the exam, by experience, there will be a second and third

time. We will do it time and again and worse, we will not study our lessons anymore as we know we can pass without really studying. Subconsciously, the cheating will slowly be a part of our cognition and personality. Based from my experience and observation, cheaters during college times who became professionals normally grab the idea of others in a group and claim it to be his’ thus showing disrespect to others. This is so due to the fact that cheating has become his habit, a habit that now, unconsciously he is using it for his own benefit to the disappointment of his fellow professionals.

Summary and Conclusion Passive and active cheatings in college examinations were proven to be detrimental to the individuals throughout their lives. This paper has enumerated the effects which proved disturbing to an adult mind. The effects of cheating proved that the benefits were short lived and in the long run, there are no beneficial effects that can be expected from cheating. Being honest to ourselves and to our friends will develop a nice personality within us and this will be reflected in the ways we treat every challenges with lots of confidence that we can overcome them with flying colors.

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