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Factory farms

The common source of men’s foods are coming from animals. And the most common source of living that people does in the suburb area of the society is raising animals in their farm. As time goes by animals are getting sick and weaker as they grow old, and the farm owner were being upset for the possible effect if their animals will not be treated very well, so that the animals will remain productive and healthy during the harvesting season. For this reason scientist came about a solution for this problem of these farm owners, and they came about vitamin to keep them healthy and food to keep them strong.

This was been a growing problem all over the world and became the center of political issues in the society. Due to the increasing demands among the prime commodities like meat, eggs and milk. Health reasons was been plague for the people, because of the different chemicals that were being applied to them. One of them is antibiotic in order that the animals will develop a strong resistance to diseases and infections. It is the duty of the government as far as the implementation of their police power is concerned to make laws that will protect the lives and safety of the people.

Many countries enacted laws in oder to regulate the use of this antibiotic for animals because it was already been abused by the factory farm owners to the extend that the health of the people are already at risk. Quoting the word of Dr. David Wallinga,director of the Food and Health Program at the nonprofit Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy in Minnesota, he said: “When we use antibiotics in livestock and poultry production, we’re actually helping to create superbugs,” said. “It’s just not smart, and it’s going to come back to bite us.

” The use of this antibiotic to animals is advantageous for them, but the use of it as well is disadvantageous to men. Considering that the micro organism will remain into their body even if they are already butchered and ready to be sold into the market for public consumption, because their body will develop a strong resistance that will make the bacteria hard to kill. George Mertz, added that the process of treating these animals must be done in a delicate manner considering the fact that people are eating them.

“To treat sentient creatures in this way is morally wrong. It is not virtuous to raise animals in this way. It is also not virtuous to purchase beef, chicken, milk and eggs from these factories. The only way one could be temporarily absolved of these morally wrong actions is to be ignorant. (vol. 54) Looking at the negative aspect of having a factory farm is very dangerous. Not only to the animals concerned, but also to the people. It was been said that animals coming from the factory farm are the sources of diseases thus, they are being transfered to the people.

The meat, the milk, and the eggs that were produced from the factory farm that was previously the sources of the nutrients that our body needs is very alarming and what is happening now is that we acquire disease. People are aware that the manner of applying this antibiotic to animals is morally wrong in the first place. By doing this practice in the factory farm, the traditional way of raising these animals are no longer normal, they are just confined inside a warehouse, and stay in a cage for the rest of their lives.

They maybe health from then antibiotic that are being applied to them but there is also a negative side. These animals in the warehouse could not receive sunlight instead, an artificial lights that will maintain the normal body temperature of these animals. They do not have a proper air ventilation inside the warehouse instead, there is also a temporary air that these animals would breath for them to have a proper blood circulation.

Factory farming said the government, is a partner in the development of the economy,but the problems of the people must prevail over the factory farming. The growing number of these factory farming has a contribution into the global warming. The waste water of the animals that goes directly into the lagoon or flowing water has a negative result into the environment and into the people living near by the factory and to the people who are using the products coming from the factory farm. The Environmental Protection Agency said that factory farming can destroy everything in earth.

The pollution that are coming from the factory could increase the surface temperature that could lead to some changes in the atmosphere, because of the possible changes in the atmospheric circulation. US engaged itself in an extensive international efforts regarding climate change as a result of these factory farming. The EPA conducted a massive campaign program to protect the environment and performing simultaneous task by establishing organization that will be helpful in the implementation of the policy and guidelines.

The primary objective of EPA is to protect human health and environment. In order to carry its objective, the EPA has to ensure that their regulatory decisions are sound, effective in achieving environmental goals, and fair. To foster the function and mission of EPA, it has promulgated severals laws to make it viable and among those are: “(1) General, which includes crosscutting actions, such as rules authorized by multiple statutes and general acquisition rules; (2) The Clean Air Act (CAA); (3) The Atomic Energy Act (AEA); (4.

) The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA); (5) The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (FFDCA); (6) The Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA); (7) The Emergency Planning and Community Right- to-Know Act (EPCRA); (8) Chemical Safety Information, Site Security and Fuels Regulatory Relief Act; (9) The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA); (10) The Oil Pollution Act (OPA); (11) The Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act Superfund (CERCLA); (12) The Clean Water Act (CWA); (13) The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA); and (14) The Shore Protection Act (SPA).

”( Spring 2007 Regulatory Agenda. ) From these, the people felt that the government is not keeping their mouth shot and that they doing something that favors their health and the impact to the environment will be so harsh. It is very clear from the regulations that the problem of having a factory farm in the society is not a threat to the lives and health of the people. Considering the fact that the pollution coming from the factory is contributing to the destruction of human lives. Several congressional debates has been made discussing the effect with respect of the manner how farmers raised their animals in the farm.

They application of antibiotic will be of great help for the animals and for the farmer itself. Granting argumento, that it will provide the animals a strong resistance to diseases it can never be taken out from the minds of ht people will always be at risk. Some law making bodies adhere into the proponents of the antibiotic for the animals. They are trying to inform the people that the population of the world is fast growing. It is a truth and a fact that it is and that there is a need to sustain the health of the animals in the farm in order for them to live longer and to be productive as well.

The political awareness of the people affecting them is very extensive. Several organization joined the issue in order to solve the growing problem produced by factory farming. The youth has organized themselves in order to voice out their grievances that they want an immediate actions to their concerns. The evolve in order to show some of the many ways to make a difference by promoting environmentally sound farming practices and opposing the factory farms that cause environmental and economic problems for the communities where they are located.

“For those of you in rural farming communities where factory farms may be moving in or where they already exist, this issue is a local one. You can work in partnership with others in the community to prevent a specific operator from moving in, or to ensure that an existing factory farm is obeying all regulations. Those of you in suburban or urban areas can help stop factory farms through your choices about what you eat and by educating others. Every one of you has the power to create change. ”

“Factory farming has many unhealthy consequences for humans: contaminated soil and water, air pollution and poor food quality, to name a few. But the most severe and unavoidable consequences of factory farming affect the animals who live in these facilities, because they are treated like machinery instead of living creatures. As living creatures, farm animals deserve respect and humane treatment. Their needs are simple, but factory farming corporations are not willing to spend any money to create humane conditions.

Here is a brief look at the lives of various farm animals, so you can see the difference between their natural habitats and behaviors and the way they live on a factory farm. ” (Teen Factory Guide) Parents should support their children without outside assistance. If due to drug or alcohol addiction they cannot do it, such parents should be placed into special facilities to work for the benefit of the state, while the money will be transferred to orphanages where we will raise and educate their children.

The industrial food system, according to the study’s findings, not only threatens the livelihoods of small farmers, but also puts the world at risk for a potential flu pandemic. The study also noted that wastes from global livestock production are damaging the world’s climate at a rate that surpasses emissions from cars and SUVs. “Intensive animal farming is not only deleterious to human health and economies, it is also responsible for a great deal of ecological destruction

“Both the UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) continue to consider banning poultry production in affected areas the most effective way of stamping out the avian flu virus. Researchers observed that rising demand for meat helped drive livestock production away from rural, mixed-farming systems, where farmers raise a few different species on a grass diet, toward intensive periurban and urban production of pigs and chickens. ”( Rizvi) From the concept point of view by federalism, it has made a viable contribution in making problems to be solve in a legal manner.

Whether inside the court room or outside the streets. People are being recognized in the expression of their ideas and aspiration that affects them directly. They are bing entertained by our law making bodies so that they will address their grievances to them as a their voice in the law making process. The law making body is the representative of the people in the promulgation of laws that will apply to them. It is the duty of the federal government to look after the welfare of their constituent. To see to it that the laws are being observe and properly implemented by the different agencies of the government.

The nature of federalism is based on the relationship between the states and the national government in an intimate sharing process. Overlapping and competing powers of the different levels of the government in the attainment of one specific goal, and that id to serve the people. From this alone it tells that no one is above the law. Everybody stand on an equal footing in the society. Laws were passed to protect the health, safety and the environment so that the coming generations will be able to enjoy the beauty of the mother earth when their time comes. The laws were strictly enacted in order to see to it that it will not favor any body and to avoid a class legislation.

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