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God of War

From a video game for playstation 2 console to film comes the God of War. An action-game adventure based on Greek mythology developed by Sony Computer Entertainment receiving awards including “Game of the Year” honors from the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences. Although there have been quite a number of video games seen in Hollywood, Brett Ratner had his dream come true as he directs this movie following the tattooed man named Kratos, who tries to kill the God of War, Ares. It was not until May of this year, 2008, that it has been announced the adaptation of the “God of War” video game into movie.

Just as a little kid waiting for his gift for Christmas, everyone is expecting and excited to witness how their favorite game come to life in big screen. With a lot of great and extraordinary people working on this film, the audiences are anticipating this be a great hit in Hollywood. Now, it’s Universal Studios turn to prove their worth as how Athena, the goddess of Athens, wants to kill Ares that only a mortal can do it. And so, as Kratos who learns that the only way to defeat Ares is to use the legendary Pandora’s Box, which can give any mortal like him the power to kill a god like Ares.

His journey continues as he finds his very best way to fight over Ares. Revealed in the game that he was a murderous servant of Ares and yet all this god’s weapons, the Blades of Chaos, took him out in his army and service and even tricked him into killing his own family. No doubt, Kratos’ anger eventually would lead him anything would take to kill this “God of War”. Along with the voices behind the characters of this movie made a lot of good reviews. With the best musical score, you will be drawn in to this wonderful movie that would lure you to sit and praise the film wholly.

Not only does this title, “God of War” reveal emotions through the graphics in a video game, I do believe with the high rates and recommendations, please allow me to take you to Kratos’ journey in killing the “God of War”. References Brett Ratner Confirms God of War Movie. 2008, October 1. Nix. www. beyondhollywood. com Games to Film: God of War. 2005, July 27. Paul Davidson. www. movies. ign. com Brettt Ratner to Direct ‘God of War’?. 2008, May 29. The Movie God. http://geeksofdoom. com

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