High School Is The Reason Why Students Fail In College

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High School Is The Reason Why Students Fail In College

Jason Vanelli was born on April 7, 1985. He studied at Loyola High School in Montreal, Canada. One of the courses that he found himself enjoying was pre-calculus. He constantly got good grades and found himself enjoying math profusely. He thought himself as extremely good in math. All his classmates would ask him for pointers and even asked him to give them pointers a few days before the exams. Because of his proficiency in math, it led him to decide to pursue Management Major in Finance, a course with a number of finance courses since he believed that he was good in math.

He enrolled at Concordia University. Other students were often worried when it came to math or anything that had something to do with complicated numbers but he thought that he would be able to breeze through the mathematical courses without hitches. Unfortunately, when he got to his first finance course in college. It did not help that he did not study much, though he didn’t fail, he did get a C. At the beginning it made him depressed for a while since during high school, math was an essential part of who he was. He could never imagine him getting lower than an A-.

And he continuously was the recipient of praises from his classmates, teachers and even parents. He figured that anything that had anything to do with math was simple because it comprised of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. And he could do all that very easily. He began to realize that there was a possibility that math was not as simple as he thought it was. And that he underestimated its complexity in thinking that it involved basic arithmetic and the like. Since it is still very difficult for him to accept that he was not good at math anymore, he decided to put more time into practicing math so he could get better grades.

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