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Mother Teresa

A couple named Nikola and Dranafile Bojaxhiu gave birth to a baby girl named Agnes. Agnes was born on November 26, 1910 in Skopje, Macedonia. Agnes had four siblings but two died. Only Agnes’s brother (Lazar) and sister (Aga) were still alive. They all grew up in a loving and caring home. Agnes’s mother (Dranafile) would let hungry strangers come in the house to eat. Agnes’s parents were hard workers. Agnes’s mother would stay at home and take care of the children while the dad (Nikola) was a businessman traveling the world.

When Nikola was coming back from one of his trips he became very ill. In the year of 1918 Nikola died, and Dranafile had to take care of the three children alone. Agnes liked to go to school. She went to a public school with a church, called Sacred Heart Parish. Agnes also was interested in missionaries. When Agnes became eighteen she decided to become a missionary. When Agnes left home her brother (Lazar) and sister (Aga) moved to Albania in 1925. Agnes mother moved in with them. In 1939 Lazar moved again.

Dranafile and Aga remained in Albania. Lazar and Agnes had heard from them since but sadly in 1972 Drana died. Two years after Drana died Aga died. Agnes went to the Dublin Convent School in India. Six weeks after her training she was close to becoming a nun. To become a nun one has to change their name to start a new life. Agnes chooses the name Mary Teresa. Agnes chooses that name in honor of a patron Saint of Lisieux named Saint Therese. After that Sister Teresa traveled to Bombay, India, Calcutta, and Loreto in Darjeeling.

Darjeeling was the place where nuns were in training. Sister Teresa learned to teach there. After awhile Sister Teresa was nearly finished her training and received her habit (robe). On May 24, 1931 she took her first vows as a nun. Later on as Sister Teresa was a nun she taught at an all girl school called Saint Mary’s High School. She loved teaching so much she taught three classes. On May 24, 1937 she had finally finished her training. Sister Teresa had said her last vows and said that she would dedicate her life to GOD.

At this point she became Mother Teresa. Time passed and World War II was about to begin. A lot of people left Calcutta but Sister Teresa didn’t go. Mother Teresa’s performance inspired nuns and the students of the school. Mother Teresa knew she was doing a lot but it seemed to her she was not doing enough. In the year of 1946 Mother Teresa became ill. The doctors thought she had a lung disease called tuberculosis. She went back to Darjeeling to rest. During Mother Teresa’s train ride she heard GOD calling her and telling her to help poor people.

When she got back she told all the other nuns and the archbishop. The arch bishop agreed with Teresa’s plan. In February the archbishop asked the pope for approval. On the night of November 16, 1948 she lived a new life with poor people as the years went by. During those years Mother Teresa opened a home for children, started a mobile leprosy clinic, started a hospital for lepers, and much more. Sadly on the day of September 6, 1997 she passed away from malaria, but Mother Teresa had a great life. May peace be with her.

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