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Internet Movie

Mr. Sherman, I want to share this gripping story of a young boy who has a congenital amputated right leg and, after all his condition, still helps her mother and himself to earn a living and attend to all their primary needs. At the age of only nine, he was caught up to such turbulent and disturbing instances where a normal adult may never experience. He was abandoned by his father who was ashamed of the state of his son at the age of three, entrusting him to his mother. His mother, later on, did not become a model mom, becoming a gambler and an alcoholic although the only positive thing that she had done is to give the child houseroom.

But after all this testing times in his life, the child never grew weak and hopeless, keeping a strong hold to the thought that one day, he and his mom could get through this through the help of God. The optimistic character of the child is very touching as well as promising, surrendering all his childhood years for the sake of both their lives. He was clearly a street child, helping his mother to sell sweets on the flea market using his specialized scooter made especially for him by certain concerned persons because they cannot even afford a wheelchair!

He could not attend school because no one would help his mom and obviously he was a cripple. I just want to point out on this letter that these instances of poverty and health related problems should not be ignored and thus certain actions should be immediately done. The health issues and problems here in the U. S. were granted only by “profit oriented health maintenance organizations or HMOs” unlike those of other countries with the same economic standards that provide free and common custody to all the needy.

I just want also to ask your good office to help these people who are striving hard and who deserve to have these benefits. It is through your help which can make all these things possible, offering them the abstracted concept of hope in which they believe in. I, as a concerned citizen, am personally moved by his story and, by helping them, be rest assured that this pleads for help would not fall into deaf ears. Thank you for your time and may you be guided by your good heart.

Source: “Plot Summary for Sicko. ” The Internet Movie Database. 7 November 2008. <http://www. imdb. com/title/tt0386032/plotsummary>

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