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My personal final wishes

These are my personal final wishes which I would like to be strictly adhered to in the case where I am not it the position to make medical decisions for myself. 1. In the case of medical emergencies where I can not make a rational medical decision on how I would be treated, I want my lawyer to make decisions that has to do with my health care on my behalf. 2. I want blood transfusion if I am in dire need of blood or I have lost a substantial amount of blood.

I also want euthanasia if the condition is critical and painful and there is almost a zero chance for resuscitation. I don’t want to be given life support treatments. 3. No matter what, I don’t want to experience pain. If this will mean giving me euthanasia, I don’t mind. I would also like my bed spread to be changed every four hours if I am bedridden 4. I wish to have my family member with me as much as possible, holding my hands and praying for me.

I also wish to be treated with love and I specifically want my family picture hanging beside me. 5. I wish to tell me mom that she is the best mother I could ever have. I also want my family to know that if I had another choice, I will go all the way to have them around me and that I will miss them and love them, even though I may not be able to fully express it while I was alive. I really found this assignment enlighten.

I must confess that before this class, I barely knew anything about this and I think it is generally a good idea to be able to control things around you, even when u can not be said to be rationally capable of making some medical decisions. Right now, I can boldly say that I know a lot about this and I would not hesitate to explore more and search for more information about the 5wishes. Reference: http://www. agingwithdignity. org/5wishes. pdf. Retrieved on August

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