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My Story

Childhood is one of the best and most important parts of a person’s life. It is crucial because this phase would prove instrumental in defining what a person would be as a grownup. It is also the time wherein great memories are made. Unfortunately, it is also a time wherein most embarrassing moments occur. The young are often careless and prone to make bad decisions, which result in awkward and uncomfortable situations. As a child, I had my share of these incidents but one memory stands out the most.

My first embarrassing moment was a rather traumatic experience for me as a child, but it had become a funny memory for me as an adult. I could still vividly remember the details of that moment until now. At that time, I was a typical happy-go-lucky 12 year old who only enjoyed going to school because of my friends. I hated waking up early to catch the school bus and I loved it whenever class was dismissed. I often put off doing my homework but always hurried when it was playtime. I spent my days that way, preoccupied with playing and hanging out with my friends.

One morning, I saw this girl in school a few minutes after I got off the school bus. The school I attended had a small population; it was easy to know everyone by face. I was certain she did not study there, for she was unfamiliar. I must say that the new girl surely caught my interest. Her face was remarkably distinct; I guessed that she had Latin American roots. I thought she probably spoke Spanish, since she looked like those Hispanic girls I have seen on television. There was something about her that caused me to be very curious, and I knew the following days would be different.

Afterward, I found a new found exuberance for school. My mother said I had a crush on the girl. I honestly did not know what the word “crush” meant at that time. All I knew was that I was fascinated with her. In the days which followed her arrival, I found myself talking about her to my friends. I would soon get teased about my rambling about the new girl I did not know. Soon, I confirmed that she was indeed a transferee—her family moved to town a few days before I first saw her. She was 15 years old and her name was Aurelia. Soon, I began waiting to see Aurelia in the hallways or the cafeteria.

I would walk slower whenever she approached, and I started hanging out by the school doors to see her leave the building at dismissal. Eventually, I tried to catch her attention. Whenever she was in close proximity, I would talk louder in an attempt to make her look at my direction. I would tell my friends jokes that I thought were funny, and deliver the punch lines which much enthusiasm and extreme facial expressions. None of these worked; she remained oblivious to my existence. Because I had not succeeded in my efforts to make her notice me, I decided to stop.

However, I continued waiting to see her around school. I would stay in the hallways or linger in the cafeteria. It was not until a few weeks later that I finally caught Aurelia attention, much to my extreme embarrassment. One day, I saw Aurelia walking towards the staircase alone. This was an unusual situation; she was usually surrounded with her friends. I decided to take the opportunity to follow her and maybe introduce myself. I was rather confident that I might pull it off. I was watching her from afar when I observed her brisk movements; she seemed like she was in a hurry.

Due to the significant distance between us, I knew I had to run if I really wanted to catch up with her. So despite the weird stares of the kids in the hallway, I ran as fast as I could. Later on, I would discover that running was not the best idea. It was raining earlier that day, and the linoleum floors squeaked because of the moisture from everybody’s shoes. I survived the hallway itself, but I was not so lucky with the stairs. The early morning rain made the stairs very slippery, and one must hold tightly to the handles on the sides to prevent oneself from falling.

However, I was not aware of that; I was too preoccupied with catching up with Aurelia. Then, there was disaster. I was running so fast that I slipped on the stairs. While I was able to grab unto the handle, it did not help as my descent continued. I continued to go down the stairs in a sitting position with my behind severely hurt from hitting at least four steps of stairs. To conclude my unfortunate incident, the impact when I hit the ground created a sound so loud I thought it could be heard from yards away.

My suspicion was proven right; I saw Aurelia, who was a few meters away, looking at me with a shocked and worried expression. It was an unfortunate thing that I had only succeeded to make her notice me when I had unintentionally made a fool out of myself. To make matters worse, it was not only Aurelia who saw me fall down the stairs. As I looked around, there were other witnesses—both students and faculty—to my misfortune. The teachers immediately came to my aid, while the students either looked concerned or tried to suppress a laugh.

That was my first embarrassing moment—falling down the stairs for my crush and the school to see. Looking back at the moment now, I simply find the experience comical. Whenever I am reminded of this incident, I just laugh at the silliness of the situation. I was just a kid when it happened and I understand the foolishness of my actions. I was so engrossed with my crush that I had to resort to such ridiculous antics. As a child, it was a very depressing moment. However, as an adult, the moment is just a testament to how much I have grown in years.

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