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Myself—A Personality Description

My level of extroversion is low. Most of the time, I am silent and soft-spoken, especially in the presence of strangers. My friends used to call me, “a man of few words”. However, when the situation calls for it, I have the capacity to set my passive behavior aside and stand out, particularly in events of urgency or helping someone in dire need. After my work is accomplished, I quietly return to my usual composure. Agreeableness My agreeableness is just average. I always try to maintain harmony and order everywhere I go, but my sense of freedom can be somewhat offending to others.

I dislike corporate life. I tend to think differently and have a tendency not to go with the “crowd”. Although I often try to maintain peace, differences in choices and opinion affects my agreeableness greatly. Conscientiousness When it comes to conscientiousness, it depends on the task at hand. I am a careful planner and a free thinker. I could brainstorm a topic with great ideas, especially if my level of interest is high. However, I do not prefer to be bogged down in detail, and am often unreliable in the execution of those plans.

I prefer to mastermind ideas, and have others to do the legwork. Neuroticism Whether I like it or not, I am slightly bent to neuroticism and emotional instability. My desire for external harmony often runs in conflict with my inner peace. I tend to forgive slights and insults, but the pain and loss I experienced takes long to fade in memory, often doubting if I have really applied forgiveness in the first place. Openness to New Experiences As a free thinker, I am very open to new ideas. I desire novelty. The possibility of deception is high.

But I tend not to care, as long as the idea is new and known only to a few. Although most items and ideas of novelty I found were rubbish, somehow they gave me some pleasure and the needed intellectual stimulation in knowing them. I am also open to new experiences, as it is my inherent desire to experience things mankind has never felt before. References John, Oliver P. , & Srivastava, Sanjay. (1999, March 5). The Big-Five Trait Taxonomy: History, Measurement and Theoretical Perspectives. Retrieved July 28, 2009, from http://www. uoregon. edu/~sanjay/pubs/bigfive. pdf

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