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Obama Philosophy

Philosophy can be defined in a number of ways, one such definition is uncovering hidden assumptions; the vetting of the implied more than just the stated or establishing the dichotomy between appearance and reality. And as it turned out during the inauguration ceremony, Obama used the opportunity on the podium to address the whole world other than just America. Albeit philosophically. It is quite definite that there are a number of assumptions we can make from the session.

He took office amid surging expectation of him reviving the economy. The reality assumption here is that this may not happen in the next one term. He has infact dampened such hopes. The economy is most likely to get worse before it gets better. It is quite evident that for the economy to be thrown into the jaws of depression, it has taken time. Analyst put it that it could be deeply as back as after the 2nd world war. He has to restore faith in the system of the economy and trust in the markets.

Another assumption is that the new American president is ready to embrace people from all walks of life. From his quote during inauguration, he did say “We are a nation of Christians, Muslims, Jews, non-believers and Hindus. We are shaped by every language and culture drawn from every end of this earth. ” The over 2 million people who attended were a clear reflection of this. ” He in fact went ahead to take the oath of office using his three full names: Barrack Hussein Obama.

The middle name speaks a lot about his respect for having the African roots and also the fact that he respects the Muslim brothers. There is hope for racial equality. He is more determined to fight for a more moral society. As he put it, “We cannot help but believe that the old hatreds shall some day pass; the dark lines of tribe shall soon dissolve as the world grows smaller, our common humanity shall reveal itself”

The poor are going to receive recognition. He attributes the cause of poverty to poor leadership and it is now something that can be viewed as of the past/history. The plenty in America will easily be taken beyond its own boarders hence a high provision for more trade. Most of the policies and programs are going to be geared towards this. Reference Barrack, O (2006) The Audacity of Hope; Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream. Michigan: Crown Publisher.

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