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President Obama

President Obama involved himself in the incidence of Harvard University professor – Mr. Gates, and the police officer – Sergeant Crowley, after a journalist – Lynn Sweet, requested the President about his views about the arrest of the professor. The manner in which Obama expressed his views made him to be involved in that incident. Moreover, it made him lose the backing of a percentage of his White voters.

The U.S public viewed Obama’s involvement in that incident as unnecessary, with a larger percentage disapproving his handling of the matter. A certain small percentage of U.S citizens however supported his involvement. The supporters seemed to be Black Americans since they saw it as a case of racial profiling. For example, the President of Fraternal Order of Police, together with other senior security officers like the Cambridge police commissioner, was not pleased by the remarks of President Obama. They said his remarks were detrimental to police-community relationships and called for President Barrack Obama to apologize.

The involvement of President Obama in this incident resolved the conflict which had risen. The Beer Summit invitation resolved the differences which had arisen between the Harvard professor – Mr. Gates, and the police officer – Sgt Crowley. In an interview with the New York Times, Mr. Gates commented that nobody else except President Barrack Obama could have thought of making him be in good terms with Sgt Crowley. Gates saw Obama as wise, perceptive and very Solomonic. The involvement of President Barrack Obama to the incident of Mr. Gates and Sgt Crowley was of great importance since after resolving the issue, the two became friends. Moreover, they later discovered they were distant relatives since they shared a common-ancestor cousin after genetic tests.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines ‘stupidly’ as something that results from unreasoned acting or thinking. As he described how the police handled Mr. Gates’ case, Obama said that the police acted ‘stupidly’. It is likely that Obama intended to demonstrate that the police acted without due thinking in this case. He was thus not malicious in saying this.

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