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President Barrack Obama

The surge plan outlined by the elect President Barrack Obama raised concern among the senators of foreign relations, who held a sitting to discuss and come up with strategies that would promote interrelations between foreign countries to be improved and maintained. The committee decided to hold an interrogative dialogue to help learn devices used by diplomats, UN peace keepers, ethicists and governors in command of military forces. The committee selected Senator Richard, G. Lugar to conduct the interrogation as the others listened and took notes.

The Representatives chosen were Army General David Petraeos commander for the military force in Iraq, Mr. Koffi Annan the secretary general for United Nations, Ms. Anne Wright a diplomat and a member of the Project Board for Voters of Peace and Ms. Dorothy Jones an Ethicists who took part in the formulation of ethic codes that guide states and their relations towards advocacy of world peace. The Dialogue Senator Lugar: Welcome all, thank you for heeding to our request. Without wasting time let us begin.

Today we would like to get a clear perspective on a topic that has perplexed the whole world and depicts a phenomenon to most states; Peace. Initiating peace in Afghanistan to stop the war imposed by the Al Qaeda is among the core plans that the American government has outlined. This topic has raised some sentimental concerns to the American citizens, the Senate of foreign relation and the world at large. Some speculate that the initiative, though noble would lead to development of a third world war and religious wars, while others totally agree with the initiative arguing that the era of terrorism will end.

To begin, please define the term peace according to your perspectives. Ms. Wright: Peace is a condition where there is no aggression or misunderstanding that will result to transformation of conflict. It is a state of diplomacy in a country. Therefore if every country in the world would take the initiative of encouraging diplomacy, the chances of nations going to war against one another would be rare or minimal, because each country aims at developing world peace (MacNair 26). Mr.

Annan: Peace is a state where tranquility prevails and good interrelation between communities and nations is highly maintained to strengthen the security that is embedded between the communities of a country or between nations (MacNair 12). General Petraeos: Maintaining law and order in a country to prevent occurrence of war and cause no harm or injury to the security of a country (MacNair 17). Ms. Jones: This is a state where norms and vices that allow respect to the rights of a community or country are observed.

Violation to these rights leads to eruption of war as parties involved air their grievances on the abuse of their rights. (MacNair 10). Senator Lugar: From your points of view, we can see the diversity created by elaboration of peace, which demands respect on the laws and policies of a country, ethics of a country, diplomacy practiced in a country and the relationship that exists between communities or nations. I guess by combining the four interpretations there correlation will play a big part in promoting world wide peace.

General Petraeos, I believe you are in charge of the American armed forces in Iraq, please explain to us your stand on the process of peacemaking. General Petraeos: Being the commander of the forces in Iraq does not give me the right to use military weapons to violate the rights of people or mistreat them. The ethics that the military practice instills in us is to perceive peace making as a process of that maintains the national security of a country.

If another nation threatens the security of a country by planning to inflict injury or pain to the citizens of that country, then it is our right to intercept and prevent the plans from taking effect. This gives us the right to use the resources that are at our disposal to return and implement ways of maintaining the state of tranquility that existed between the two nations (MacNair 126). Ms. Wright: Adding to General Petraeos comment, the militarist’s aim in initiating peace making processes is to give democracy back to the affected country, thus playing a big role in ensuring peace prevails (MacNair 144). Ms.

Jones: I am not nullifying the effort put by the military to ensure peace prevails, but what I do beg to differ with General Petraeos comment is the use of military force in an attempt to restore peace. In my point of view using military power creates hatred between the citizens of the country the military has invaded, in the process of restoring peace human rights are abused as many end up dead, exposed to poor living conditions, living in fear and to some extent the military inflict immoral acts on them such as rape and theft cases (MacNair 148). General Petraeos: Senator Lugar, please allow me to interrupt Ms Jones.

It is not among our ethics to encourage immoral acts, in fact we are against such behavior and feel very indebted to the communities that suffer from such incidences and to cater for that mishap in the future, stern action is being taken against those found guilty of committing those offenses (MacNair 136). Mr. Annan: I would like to urge the military to speed up the actions they take against immoral military officers to help ensure the other are enlightened by those cases and thus will conduct their actions in a manner that speaks for the rights of people (MacNair 138).

Senator Lugar: Thank you Mr. Annan for that positive comment. I am sure the commanders of the armed forces in every country will consider your suggestion to rear a morally based force. You recently initiated negotiations on peace talks in Kenya, please elaborate to us the process used to achieve negative peace. Mr. Annan: Negative peace making is devising a mechanism that will help to erase all conflict zones that are encouraging war, and build inner peace within oneself so as to be able to let peace prevail in the community.

By unifying the ethic codes, religious beliefs, culture and government policies the process of peace making can begin. Strategies that advocate for the respect of all rights of the parties in the categories I have just mentioned should be implemented to form an environment that is beneficial to all thus enabling their interrelation to succeed. Good relationships strengthen ties between people, communities and nations thus letting peace prevail as conflicts cannot arising in such situations(MacNair 142). Senator Lugar: According to Mr.

Annan good relationship ties should be created to help peace maintenance. What is your view Ms. Wright? Ms. Wright: I too support Mr. Annan’s theory, but also would like to add on the importance of initiation of democracy in a country. In democratic nations every one has a right to air their opinions; this creates an environment where the views of every person in a country are considered resulting to an understanding between the citizens and the government. This enhances respect between the two parties therefore encouraging tranquility in the country.

Every country in the universe should employ the rules of democracy to eradicate war (MacNair 167). Senator Lugar: I cannot dispute your view Ms. Wright since it depicts the state of peace in the near future as globalization has encouraged most countries to implement democratic governance. Please tell us how you think the elect president Barrack Obama should implement his surge plan to achieve negative peace. Ms. Jones, please start us off. Ms. Jones: To initiate negative peace the negotiators should firsts establish inner peace within themselves and to the community at large.

They should device strategies that encourage peaceful settlement between the fighting communities and prevent the use of fear or force. An environment that encourages people to respect the rights of others and devices way in which they will co-exist should be formed. Finally a community that is free to exercise their cultural, religious, ethical and governance beliefs, rules and regulations should be formed to help peace prevail (MacNair 129). Mr. Annan: Ms. Jones suggestions are the key in carrying out a constructive negotiation between conflicting parties.

On top of that the private and public sector of the parties involved should work hand in hand to promote development of peace in conflict zones. The cooperation between the two sectors will harmonize the grievances of the parties involved in the conflict and thus come up with a conclusive solution of ending the conflict. This alliance will foster civil understanding between the fighting parties, thus agree to eliminate the culture of violence and misunderstandings between communities and nations (MacNair 173). General Petraeos: The suggestions made by the two form good basis for development of negative peace.

Though, I tend to challenge Ms. Jones suggestion that force and fear should not be used to establish peace. In some cases force is required, for instance as America is undertaking peace talks with the leaders of Al Qaeda the military should be prepared to face any results that may transpire. Judging from the history of Taliban’s they believe in holy wars and will thus engage in wars to air their grievances, therefore a counter force that will help to prevent them inflicting danger to the world should be formed. Thus use of power and force in this context will be justifiable.

What am trying to say is if parties involved in a conflict are arrogant and ignorant to ongoing negotiations on peace preference, then force and rule of fear can be used to eliminate the aggressive party (MacNair 175). Ms. Wright: Measures that enable sovereignty equality, political independence, territory integrity of states and peaceful international interrelation of states should b e devised. This will eliminate hatred, discrimination and prejudice between conflicting parties encouraging justice, love and unity to be the practiced virtues (MacNair 151).

Senator Lugar: Time is precious to development of the economy of a country, therefore I will conclude our discussion and let you go and perform your duties to create a peaceful America. Once again thank you for availing yourself. The suggestions and comments made will help the senate committee to device strategies that will encourage good interrelation between the citizens and government bodies of foreign nations. Word Count: 1719 Works Cited MacNair, Rachel. The Psychology of Peace: An Introduction. Westport: Greenwood, 2003.

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