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The Manchurian President

In the newly published book the Manchurian president, by Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliot, an intriguing revelation on Obamas, ideologies, eligibility as American president, and connection to radicalism, extremism, socialism and communism is explicitly unearthed. The book tries to taint obama by associating him with communism and radicalism; perhaps it’s based on the preconceived notions of the writers which are based rather on thoughts than facts.

According to Klein and Brenda, “Obamas earliest exposure to Ayers’ ideology, dates back to Obamas childhood and the Hawaiian church at which the future U. S. president attended Sunday school as a boy. ” (P, 3). The said church, First Unitarian of Honolulu, thus as Klein puts it, was a sanctuary for dodgers linked to weatherman’s terrorist group. (p3). In the book the authors portray Obama as a terrorist, partly on the basis, of his association with Muslim as noted in his growing up in Indonesia and subsequently for having been born to a Muslim father.

Obamas is depicted as having obtained vast experience in socialists ideologies, which according to the authors has found their way in the Democratic Party system. Obamas authenticity as an American citizen, has also been challenged in this book, in that the writers tries to depict obama as having been born to a Kenyan father, in Kenya and thus not a citizen by birth and therefore, rendering him ineligible to be the president of America.

The fact that this book dedicates a whole chapter on Obamas years at Occidental college raises concern on the authors’ aims. They claim that, the simple fact that no public information about Obamas years in college, can be traced, points to a designed conspiracy by his associates, including his classmates to cover up his association and involvement with William ayes. Klein and Brenda, state, “such withholding of presidential candidate educational records is unusual in American politics” (p106).

However it’s questionable how the authors, derived the information they claim to have on Obamas college life. For instance the authors believe that the president gave his first major political speech, to a student organization which had links to Ayers. The greatest part of this book however it’s dedicated to unearthing and describing how, the close associates of obama have socialists and communist association, for instance the president’s advisor Valerie jennet, is a communist who becomes a communist by the simple fact of marriage.

As ridiculous as it is, both authors go ahead to give a list of communists officials in the White house. In essence every thing about Obama including his policies including the Health care, actions, and campaign slogan, revolve around socialism and communist ideas; this is the theme the authors try to depict in this book. The fact that everything about this book, paints a negative image of obama, depicts the very aim of the authors.

By associating Obama to radicalism, the authors, intent to portray the president as a dangerous individual, whose policies, are threat to the core aspect of American, which is democracy and liberty. Though not substantiated, I strongly believe that this is a hate campaign by leftists, based on racial prejudice. The authors simply refer to obama as “the Manchurian president” because of his association with people, thought to be extremists. The critical question posed is why would they judge Obama based on his ideologies rather than on his association.

Finally its fascinating how, the authors renders Obama as an extremist through his connection with the said extremist and communists who, according to the authors have been instrumental in crafting his political life and influencing white house policies, including the Health care reform package; it’s simply a statement to depict the president, as incapable, illegally in power and a threat to democracy, capitalism and justice. Whether the author’s intentions will be achieved remains to be seen but one thing is for sure, the book will have little or no impact on Obamas ratings and Americans belief on the president.

However as serious as the allegations are, the presidents and Democratic Party may suffer a major blow in the near future. The underlying issue is that this book comes up as a conspiracy theory, based on negative attitudes against the presidents. It simply lacks authentic knowledge and claim, though not fiction. Works cited • Klein, Aaron & Elliot, Brenda. The Manchurian President;Barack Obamas ties to communists,socialists and other anti American extremists. WND books,2010)

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