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I am used to observing people, children included. It’s one of my favorite past times. This particular child that I observed was with his family one Sunday morning at a park near our place. He was white and about 2 years old or less. Just like most toddlers of his age, he was quite a handful for the parents. I was already sitting at a bench about 10 yards from where the family settled when they arrived. The child was full of energy; in fact, he was the first one to arrive, running while his father tried to keep up with the miniature dynamo.

He was like a teenager who has just learned how to drive for the first time and is eager to go out all the time. The mom had not laid down the blanket yet and the child was already pulling his dad to go play with him. At this point, I already concluded that this was one sugar-hyped child. The father brought with him a soccer ball, and the father and son kicked the ball around the park for a good 20 minutes until the mother called them to eat.

Even the smell of food had not tempted the child into giving up playing (at least for a while). The father had to literally drag the child to the spot where the mother had prepared the meal. Not surprisingly, the child had no interest in eating when they got there. All he did was cry and roll over the ground; a tantrum at its worst. The child’s eagerness for activity could be a preview of his social and emotional development.

An active child is good; at his age, his body is just starting to grow, and it needs all the exercise it can get. However, being too active from the rest of the child’s peers may cause him to be isolated from them and therefore affect the child’s social development. When his social life is not doing well, his emotions would be affected as well. Not being part of the normal crowd may cause the child to be depressed all the time, making him less likely to be

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