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Personal Code of Ethics

I will have the best business plan in my business life. Business life is not easy. To manage good business life I must have a quality and focused business plan. With my personal code of ethics I am able to develop a strong leadership personality and a focused life style. I will practice entrepreneurship in my country by 2012. I belief, my leadership personality, self drive and education will enable me in business administration. I will use my education to manage business leadership.

After completing my first degree in business administration, I will take a masters degree in the same. This knowledge will help me in accomplishing my mission in best business practices. My principle has always been to leave a place better than I found it. My business must be very competitive to ensure good returns in each particular business input. I have learned to be an early riser throughout my education life and this will assist me to compete effectively in business.

I will ensure good business practices, (Heermance E. L. 1924). I belief in clean business environment: In all my business dealings I will ensure the exploitation of values such as honesty, trustworthiness, transparency and accountability. My integrity will enable me stand a better chance in the most outstanding and challenging business practices. Having been a good record keeper over my life, I hope to be the best time manager and financial controller in my business.

I will support the poor within my society. My liking to support the poor in the society shall not die as long as I live. I will work hard enough to get enough money for donations to the destitute. I will continue with my usual support to needy children. In conclusion, if you met me in 2012 you would not belief your sight of my industry. References Heermance E. L. (1924). Code of Ethics: Handbook. London: Free press printing.

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