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Persuasive Writing Essay

The unit head of Granite Rock and Sand is going through a crisis situation in his job. He has two burdens which are interrelated to each other. If he wants his job intact he would have to increase his unit sales within six months. He also needs to hire a new salesperson so that the efficiency of his unit increases which in turn would result in increased unit sales.

Increasing the unit sales is his goal but taking the hiring decision is one of the stepping stones to his goal. The dilemma in front of him is to choose between an efficient staff and a staff who is low in efficiency but has certain industry knowledge that has the potential to solve the current problem. Since that person has been an ex-employee of one of the competitor’s of Granite Rock and Sand she possess certain valuable trade information that can be helpful in future.

The unit head should hire the person who is less efficient but who has recently been laid off by his company’s main competitor, US Silt & Sand. The unit head should make the best of the opportunity that he is getting by hiring her as she claims that she can help in capturing a big new market about which she has learnt through her previous employer and which is still confidential news in the industry. She will bring in the knowledge and expertise about the market of the industry.

Information should be taken from her and then a good sales guy can be used to convert that information into business. Perhaps the unit head might also have to put some extra working hours but if it ensures that there is a dramatic improvement in sales then chances are that not only his job remains intact but also promotion and salary hike comes his way. Hence looking at all these benefits a smart decision would be to hire her immediately.

The negative idea of the unit leader’s decision would be that despite the recruitment of an extra staff the unit will have to function in staff crisis. The lady can only provide information but she cannot deliver until and unless she improves on her selling skills. To develop this manpower, the organization will have to invest in developing her selling skills through training programs. This would not have been the case if the other candidate would have been appointed.

It might happen that even after investing in training; this newly recruited staff might prove to be a burden in future as she may not perform as per the expectations of the company. My personal opinion is that the new manpower cannot be taken as a long-term option as it is clear that she won’t be able to perform as per the targets given by the company. Even after adding this manpower in the sales team, the organization will have to still be looking for skilled manpower in the long run to fulfill its business motives.

Though this candidate is making tall claims of her knowledge about the industry as well as some confidential information; it may happen that the information that she would deliver is half baked and the organization will have to work a lot to gather full industry information and the cost of same may not be justifiable to hire this employee. It is a tricky situation and hence in my opinion the candidate should be hired on six months probation to safe guard the interest of the company in the long run.

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