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Pomp and Pageantry

anyone taking an office (Genovese & Cronin, 2009). The inaugural celebrations are not defined any where. In many countries globally, people have decided to take it their own way. Some are just involve holding the bible and saying the 35 word paragraph to assure people that you have taken the position. Others involve big parties as a sign of modesty. Some people also use the oath taking ceremony for amendments most common in nations. They write and present well written speeches to present their pleas to the citizens for support and also to bring a divided nation together.

Normally the ceremony is meant to bring people together as a sign of unity and to celebrate victory as a nation. During the ceremony people are reminded of their pasts to be a ware of their status as a nation. The nation has to know their political, social and economic status and be reminded of their future dreams for a better nation to come. The Americans inaugural ceremony is not different from other countries. Some presidents swearing in ceremonies are marked with a lot of celebrations while others are just normal oath taking.

President Barack Obama’s inauguration was marked with a big celebration. This was the first time a black man was moving in to the white house. The wife too, the first lady had a very poor background. It was a big surprise to the many Americans that thought it was impossible. Their first lady for the first time was from the slaves. After the great achievement and celebration, the President had to face all the challenges a head of him to realize his dreams as the president of the United States. With the many promises he made he had a big task a head of him (Genovese & Cronin, 2009). Thesis statement.

The pomp and pageantry which followed the victory and inauguration of president Barack Obama as the first African American president of the United States is an overkill. Pomp and pageantry. This was a ceremonious occasion that marked the swearing in to power of many leaders worldwide. In America, this kind of ceremony was done for their president Barack Obama. This was a kind of ceremony that had not been done to the other many presidents that had taken the same position as Barack. People were shocked why the black man’s swearing in into power had to be different from the white’s.

According to Stevenson (2009), he couldn’t believe that an African was going to be the next president in one of the most powerful nations in the world. The Americans didn’t believe what they were a bout to see until the President took his oath. This was simply because they were used to seeing the white men in that place not the black. This was a history and it left many people wondering how it happened and how it will be thereafter. People had attended this ceremony in large numbers and believe me every young, old and disabled wanted to be there.

Taking oaths for various offices in the nations were not of great importance to the Americans but this time round everyone wanted to be present never to miss the occasion. In fact people valued it just like any family affair that they attend day in day out. President Obama’s inaugural was attended by millions of people. This showed how much the Americans loved him and they had high hopes in him as their leader. The president gave a speech that inspired people and would remain memorable to many. He thanked everyone particularly those that contributed to his victory like the activists and the soldiers (Stevenson, 2009).

The president congratulated them for their commitment to bring change to their nation leaving a side all their personal commitments. The president agreed with them, that it was a hard time in life and it required such a decision to put an end to the old and open doors for the new things. In his speech, the president expected to see the youths behave themselves. The youths should respect each other. President Obama brought a new view of life to the many people who thought to have failed their lives as a result of their low achievements.

Having been brought up by a single parent, President Obama still made it. Millions of people who watched him being sworn in as the first African American president had to change their view on this. President Obama’s achievement has wakened up the very many single mothers particularly the army perpetrators and slam dwellers who thought it was an end of life to them. Many single mothers and slam dwellers feel disadvantaged together with their children and lost hope of ever achieving anything good in life (Stevenson, 2009).

They have looked down upon themselves and hence have no hope in life. This was an inspiration to such people and they have now known that it is through determination and hard work that all good things come. President Obama’s presidency was not just a victory to the Americans a lone. His victory as the American president was shared amongst many nations worldwide especially the Africans. People thought this was an opportunity for the Africans to improve on their policies on Civil Rights to save the lives of the blacks who are mistreated in their places of work.

Stevenson (2009), President Obama was good groomed, had a lot of confidence in him, hence would be able to recognize the continent of his origin to be proud of it and its people. Barack Obama’s politics was both the American and African style and was praised by many people. He is a highly experienced politician. President Obama’s inaugural was seen as very different from the normal oath taking that was being taken by many people in to various offices. According to Stevenson (2009), normally the oath is taken as a sign of assuring people that you will be there to occupy that position.

President Obama’s was different. He made a speech that not only assured people of being in that position, but also assured them of being in service. The president assured the citizens of being ready to work with and for them for a recommendable change. He was going to teach both the Americans and Africans a lesson. The politicians in Africa were going to borrow a leaf on good leadership from him while the white politicians on decision making. People of different races have been waiting to see him success as promised during his term as a president.

The Americans were amazed of the hard choices that the president was stressing on. The president blamed their nation or themselves as the leaders of their economic failures. He encouraged the Americans to always make wise decisions to bring a change to their nation. In contrast with the presidents that had served in United States, he was open and bold enough to blame themselves for their wrong decisions made (Stevenson, 2009). Since time immemorial there had not been any president that had put such blame on them as the leaders.

This was a sign of good leadership and such transparency is what is required of many nations. In addition it calls upon the leaders to be accountable for their actions to the citizen. According to the President, the leaders should work together with the citizens, making wise decisions always to successful. To lead a nation like his requires a lot of commitments and at time you should put a side the personal commitments to serve the interests of the nation first. Despite the many praises that the president has had, he is still faced with a lot challenges.

Amongst them is the hatred form some citizens. The president has enemies particularly the middle and low class workers who didn’t believe he can make it to such a position. This was the time that he proved them wrong plus all the racist who looked down up on the blacks in learning institutions or places of work. The president’s achievement has showed them the potentiality in the Africans and every person in this world. People need to be determined and work endlessly to achieve your goal. With determination and hard work no one can stop you from hitting your target (Stevenson, 2009).

President Obama’s inauguration was the greatest achievement for the black people. It was an improvement to all Africans in office, something that was an unheard of before in this nation. War against racism in the United States was finally getting to an end. People believed, this marked an end to racism against the blacks that had increased in number in the United States (Stevenson, 2009). The president was to work diligently and prove himself worth it within the first a hundred days. His team was ready to work together with him in achieving their goals as a nation (Berger 2009).

Another big task a head of president Obama was to ensure a constant energy production in the United State as major consumption product amongst the Americans. Amidst the management problem he had with the energy sector, he had to ensure a required production level to sustain millions of people. He confidently reaffirmed to the Americans his commitments to bring change to their nation. Every one in the big crowd that attended the ceremony shouted joyfully at him and singing all praises of him. His speech left people with a lot of expectations. The Americans expected a lot of changes in their nations to be made from his leadership.

He also acknowledged the fact that his speech meant a beginning of a new generation. According to Genovese & Cronin (2009), the big ceremony was not only meant to bring people together, review their past as a nation and to focus on the future but due to so many other reasons. These reasons were amongst them the swearing in of a black man for the first time as the president of the United States. The ceremony had the largest turn out ever and it was the also the first time that the Americans had a first lady in the white house who was raised up in a poor family.

The Americans were thus surprised seeing the descendant of slaves as being the future owner of the white house that owed its existence from slavery some centuries back. The president and his campaign team wanted to reaffirm to the Americans their intensions of turning a page in the political history of the United States. They were advocating for change in the policies governing their foreign affairs and to come up with strategies to help the United States recover economically. The occasion was very successful and a history in the America achieving a peaceful power transfer over national parties.

Political Under kills. There have been numerous terrorists’ attacks in the world. Palestinians have been known for their exploding of the nations. Palestinians have emerged the global terrorists. There has not been much effort put in determining the definite causes of this rake. This has been developed as a culture particularly the jihad. These militia groups are feared to be supported by powerful people in these powerful nations. According to the Pakistan’s Economic Survey, these groups receive billions of dollars from foreign countries supporting them.

These contributions were not accounted for in some cases but the package that came from the International Monetary Funds was proved to have been authorized by the United States military supreme. In other words, source s unveiled that the United States had contributed a lot to these militia. President Obama’s administration had discovered the billion dollars that were being given to the Pakistani military to go and fight other nations (Chellaney, 2009). President Obama’s ruling has allowed for financial support from foreign countries in support of the Pakistan in a more productive way but not in terrorism.

This decision seemed to be inefficient but it is a well worked plan that is believed to be the only way out for this problem. The donors have been encouraged to donate more and more to support these people. An Act has been proposed to regulate the foreign donations. Pakistan Enduring Assistance and Cooperation Enhancement (PEACE) Act was proposed by the Americans and this is yet to be approved by the American senate (Chellaney, 2009). This has been as a step forward in making an end to terrorism attacks. This will mark one of the greatest achievements of the Barack Obama during his regime as the 44th president of the United States.

This will prove his statements right as said during his inaugural speech. He said it is upon the people of the United States to make hard decisions to turn a page. Here has to make the hard decision to find the right way possible to stop terrorism. He will have stopped new militia groups from coming up or dividing up from the already formed groups. According to the American history, it is President Ronald Reagan that started the militia Pakistan group. He rewarded them during his Presidency to fight the Jihads, and President W. Bush too embraced that. President W.

Bush continued supporting the Pakistani military and this encouraged their violence in the nations (Chellaney, 2009). During President Bush reign, it was noticed by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) the negligence on security issues. There were no national security strategies in place to deal with the insecurity cases including the terrorist threats. No one bothered to close the terrorists’ territories including the well known ones like the Pakistan’s FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas) that harbored terrorists in large numbers (Chellaney, 2009).

Bush’s administration’s laws and constitutions have not been used by the Obama’s. President Obama’s administration plans to come up with a policy that will bring the Afghanistan’s together. In addition, the President’s administration plans to provide additional billions of dollars to the usual rewards to the Pakistan to make them accept his proposal. It is with high hopes that the Americans believe that this plan will work out successful. The Americans have believed in President Obama’s actions to be very successful more so in making decisions for their nation.

This is in the sense that, for instance if the Islamabad accepted the American $ three billion the Pakistani Counterinsurgency Capability proposal as a military aid, the Pakistanis generals had surrendered themselves to the Obama’s administration (Chellaney, 2009). This was a prize to win them. This was also seen when the Obama’s administration made a deal with the terrorists considered to be better particularly the Taliban to use the United States military buildings. This was to enable them acquire the Iraq military styles. Because they were sure they were better than the Iraq, they accepted the deal.

The terrorists realized the trick too late and they couldn’t escape it. At this time the Taliban were waiting outside America to take control of the Afghanistan. There have still been more and more attacks of the terrorists’ territories by the American military groups. A policy was formed to help identify all the terrorists hide outs along the Pakistan border. The policy has enabled a thorough search through out Pakistan and in to their military. The Obama’s administration has considered containing the terrorists within confinement hence are able to take over control of the Indian security.

This is because by confining them along the AfPak belt will pressurize them hence over power them (Chellaney, 2009). A part from Pakistan, terrorist’s attack is also common with the Somalia’s particularly along the India Ocean. The Somali’s attacks have been rampant in the western shores of Indian Ocean. Somalia has been known worldwide for their piracy attacks. They have interfered a lot with the shipping activities causing serious business losses all over the world. The Somalia’s have captured almost 20 ships withheld and some others over hundreds. Sources state that this is quite a small threat to the United States authority.

Given that, the Obama’s administration has made it to work peacefully with the dreadful terrorists, the United States can also be involved in the piracy menace to make it to an end. The piracy has not spread widely and given the American’s policy it can be put to an end just as it happened with the international terrorism attacks (Chellaney, 2009). The Pakistan as a nation is bound to even though they have made their self billionaires. This was an activity that came up from the Americans and has made them very powerful. They have been used externally to fight other nations.

The Middle East has depended so much on Obama’s view towards Islamists. President Barack Obama has recently made them change their mind. Even though the Americans didn’t like them due to their frequent wars, they wanted to hear that from the President’s own mouth. The President’s administration has refuted the Islamists and the Americans fights on the political grounds. The President has publicly warned the Americans and particularly his team from using the term war On Terror. He warned them against using the term to refer to the fights that have led to a lot of civilian murder cases.

This made them feel like their efforts to do away with the terrorists were not being recognized. The President reaffirmed to the United States that they are not by any means in war with the Islam (Panda, 2009). The president informed the United States to instead use the term with Overseas Contingency Operations. According to Panda (2009), the new term was to mean an action to reinforce law between the Islam’s and United States. Against the Islamist will, they wanted to believe that the Islamists were law makers and not fighters. Many believed that Islamists were fighting for their rights or just freedom.

After the 9/11 the ninth November terrorist attack that was believed to had been done by the Islam. The Bush administration failed to provide relevant evidence that made the Islamist go free. Bush administration referred to the Islam as a religion of peace and hence was set free. Considering President Obama’s comment, it can still be realized that the Muslims are still not in peace with the Americans. The misunderstanding amongst the Muslims has been considered ignorance in them. The misunderstanding has been linked to some other issues based on the Muslims beliefs.

The Muslims have always believed that the Americans are out to grab their peace of land to leave them landless. The root cause of ignorance in Muslim worlds is as a result of poor communication means. Muslims have very poor ways of communication. According to the United States president, they have no bad motive with the Islam they are out to help them. Panda (2009), expansion of democratic styles particularly the American will save this situation. The Americans have tried helping many countries worldwide in eradicating ignorance.

Ignorance has always been considered a factor that hinders development in many nations. With the persistent wars in the Arab worlds, this has been a hindrance to such opportunities. The US president has shed a light on this situation in the Muslim world. The president calls for a good communication system in the nations to make them understand the current situation in the world. The Arab nations should not mishandle the arms. They are discouraged from declaring war with nations that wants to help them most specifically the Americans who consider a peaceful and religious group.

With this statement the president concurred with retired president of the United States that also tried to convince them on the same. Even though the same thing had been said many times before in vain, President Obama didn’t get discouraged of saying the same. He opted for using a different term to give a different meaning to the stalemate. He is using all the tricks hoping the Muslim world will hide his advice and implement good communication systems. This is the only way to assure every citizen of accurate information at the right time of what is happening around worldwide (Panda, 2009).

According to Panda (2009), the middle class people in America cannot obey the teachers. They ceased to give the teachers their due rights. President Obama has always protected the teachers’ rights. He stopped the opponents the republicans from interfering with the teachers’ welfare associations despite their being independent and hence not contributes directly to the nation’s economy. The teachers voted him in since they felt president Obama’s campaigns owed them something as the teachers union. The teachers have the freedom of movement in the American nations.

The president has always emphasized on rewarding teachers to enhance competency through good remunerations. Even though President Obama has always encouraged parents and children to be supportive to the teachers, he has not put strategies in place to balance the education standards in private and public schools. This an outcry since many of the public schools is not doing well as compared to the private. The Americans have called up on him to ensure equal standards of education. This will give the same chance to all children from both the poor and royal families.

This will also save the Americans from transferring their children in schools looking for best schools like most private schools. The new policies formulated by the Obama’s administration have been doubted. Some people fear that if the policies are made in to laws to govern the Americans it will be a disadvantage to most of them. The Americans were against the policy for instance that raised the taxation brackets. President Obama’s intension was to help the poor meet their needs. The extra amounts raised from taxes were to be used to support such families for instance to pay for their loans.

In other words the some Americans were seeing it as a way to reduce their savings as a nation or individuals. The president also had the most expansive budget for the year in the American history. People thought he would put measures in place to reduce on the budget hence save more. On the contrary he was still blaming W Bush on the debts that United States had. The Americans thought he would now talk about the measures that he as the president and his administration have made to reduce the debts (Panda, 2009). There are many Americans who have been very keen on the President’s speeches.

They have compared his comments after being sworn in to power against his words during the campaigns. Many people have proved him wrong on many occasions claiming he had an empty promise for the Americans. According to Panda (2009), one of the areas which will let him down is his increasing arrogant utterances. People have noticed his arrogance within his first four months in power. Even though he has tried stabilizing the United States politically, this is still below expectations. The Americans had high expectations. They felt he should have done much more than that compared to what W.

Bush had achieved over the same period in power. They have waited to see the financial crisis being solved. Unfortunately there have been an increasing expenses and debts over the earlier ones. Some Americans have doubted his plans to tackle the financial crisis issue. For instance imposing taxes on all wages paid to the Americans, taxing the air and taking control of the corporations. It has also been noticed that the President has not supported the social issues as expected. President Obama is not for the bipartisan as proposed by the Americans.

According to Panda (2009), during President Bush regime, the prisoners were being mistreated. The prisoners were being humiliated a lot in the name of interrogating them to find information on the violence cases. The Iraq prisoners would be tortured. The techniques that were used to find information from the prisoners were too harsh and ineffective. Keeping the prisoners awake or exposing the prisoners to sleepless nights and water boarding were against human rights. This system was supported by W. George Bush and his administration.

President Obama and his administration opposed this style of interrogation as aggressive and immoral. They claimed that other than depriving the prisoners their rights the techniques were too ineffective. There have been controversies of such issues. Some Americans have claimed that the United States President Barack Obama and his administration had earlier accepted the interrogation style. It has been claimed by the president’s national intelligence director that the information gathering system was effective. The system led to a very successful track down of a militia plot in Los Angeles to terrorize a building.

The interrogation method has therefore been successful and of great importance to the nation. This has showed a sign of failure on transparency in President Obama’s administration as one of their goals in power. President Obama has therefore lost a point in honesty as compared to Dick Cheney. The Americans are therefore calling on their President Barack Obama to be honest especially when tackling the moral issues. He has to be considerate on their tactics to fight a vice and at the same time to be effective (Panda, 2009). According to Panda (2009), president Obama has welcomed all leaders from all races and classes.

He welcomes Chavez who had been known to have a direct link to Venezuelan president. This was not a threat to the president since he considered Chavez’s visit social and not to over throw their power. Chavez had been known for using his democratic power to influence the poor and uneducated socially. Chavez just wanted to inform the president how he has worked hard for his nation to make it more social. The president has met even the most dangerous leaders like Ahmadinejad for a talk in the United Nations to eradicate racism. Ahmadinejad had once promised to destroy Israel.

The Americans expected him to only socialize with the American friendly people or nations like Chavez whose goal was to improve on his political missions. He was not supposed to invite Ahmadinejad who had threatened to finish Israel a nation united with the United States. According to President Obama, this was an opportunity to renegotiate for the peace talks with the Islam. This was the best approach the President had taken. The Iran has persistently produced the nuclear weapons and this will make most of the Arab nations dangerous hence cannot be traversed with the civilized nations.

President Obama has emphasized on policies that will bring nations together including the most violent nations worldwide. Nations should be united on this particularly the Americans as a sign of diplomacy. The question still remains if President Obama will be able to convince the Iran to stop producing the nuclear weapons and attacking other nations. This was a promise made by the president to diplomatically iron out their differences with the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad (Panda, 2009). The Americans have also been warned to decide well where their help or good will is required in the world hence to maintain their respect as a powerful nation.

The consideration should be largely based on political factors that have led to a lot of instability in many countries worldwide. President Barack Obama apologized to the nations about the incident that happened when the Iranian leader was presenting his speech. Some nations walked out and according to the Americans, it was the United Nations to apologize not the US president (Panda, 2009). It is only the Americans that are considered to be fighting so hard to the human rights. The Iran have killed so many showing a sign of injustice with the Iranians and hence inhuman.

This was the least a decision the president of the Unite States would have made. According to Panda (2009), this is a sign of weakness in his leadership. The president had the lowest opinion on this matter. According to Panda (2009), people have blamed President Obama’s statements right from the first day he was sworn in to power. He has been blamed on his poor language when addressing political issues. The President warned the big crowd against what he termed childish things to mean unwise decisions. He always referred to the challenges faced by the United States as hard choices.

President Obama always encouraged the Americans to review these challenges to make an improvement on them. The Americans thought that this was the time to make the hard choices the President appealed for. In politics it is a matter of making a decision or not. The decision will either be an improvement to a nation or not. The president refuted the science findings that were carried out on the embryonic cell as a way of encouraging immorality calling the scientists idiots. The researchers were out to interfere with the potential of human beings.

President Obama had promised to enhance security at the same time promote liberty amongst the civilians. This was a threat to the Americans considering the terrorism incidences like the September 11th incidence that left so many people dead. By any means the Americans didn’t expect the terrorists to be left free. The civil liberty has been exercised by many Presidents in America before; it has led to insecurity in many nations. The President promised to enhance natural resource conservation to benefit the future generation. He added that the natural resource will also benefit the Americans that are in need.

The Democrats have restricted cutting of trees in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserves. The national oil companies have also been disadvantaged in this. The question is whether the President’s decisions on these issues will be an improvement to the United States or not. The American politics are based on such issues and hence the president has showed how less planned he was giving such promises to the Americans (Panda, 2009). President Barack Obama has also been blamed of certain corruption issues. The Americans claim that the root cause billion dollars that were being bailed out during the W.

Bush’s administration involved President Obama (Panda,2009). During that time the Democrat Senator Barack Obama and Chris Dodd a friend, received such payments for their bonuses. They got trapped and only came to realize the trick later. In addition, the President and the friend got a lot of contributions from the AIG for their campaigns. Having allowed this before, there is no point of the President blaming any one. This is ignorance with the President and a clear indication that he didn’t go through the stimulus bill and that is why is caught up in the loophole.

The President has again lost within his first term service compared to Bush over the same period in power. Conclusion. President Barack Obama’s inauguration ceremony was celebrated with a lot of modesty and honor. This celebration was attended with the largest crowd ever in the American history. As compared to other inaugurations this was marked with a lot of differences. Many people attended, the President wrote and presented a length and good speech to the crowd. This event marked a history in the world.

It was the first time a black man was sworn in to the president of the United States one of the powerful nations worldwide (Challeney, 2009). This also marked the first time that a first lady in the United States came from the low class people. Michelle Obama owed her descendant from the slaves and she made to the white house that was built with the slaves many centuries back. According to Genevese & Cronin (2009), in America, the oath taking ceremony required the simple uttering of a 35 word paragraph. There was nowhere in there constitution that required such a ceremony to take an office.

In some cases it was done just as a sign of modesty. The main aim of the ceremony was to bring together people and make your appeal to them. The leaders used that chance to remind the citizens their past as a nation and also to remind them their future dreams as a way forward. The country would celebrate their victory and achievements after a successful power changeover. President Barack Obama’s was unique. He didn’t celebrate the victory and great achievement; he also brought hope to the poor Africans. His presidency marked the end of racisms particularly the blacks who were victims.

The Americans made the big ceremony to the President and this was a sign of honor to him as their president. With the many votes he had compared to his close competitor, this was another sign of how the Americans trusted his leadership. This was not the first time President Obama made to the American political arena. President Obama was earlier the Americans senator. President Obama made a good speech full of promises to bring change to the United State. He has worked on most of the issues as promised when he was being sworn in. With the many challenges the President is facing, according to this

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