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Poster Campaign

PJ Smoothies, also known as PJs, is a brand of bottled smoothie; the innovative brand introduced its products to the market promoting the popular form of healthy blended fruit drink of whole crushed fruit and fruit juice in convenient packaging. PJ Smoothies come in the following range: mandarin orange and guava; strawberries and bananas; apples, kiwi and lime; and strawberry, apple and rhubarb. PJ Smoothies are retailed at 99p per 250 ml. bottle, and this pricing comes with the slogan, “Swap a pound for PJ”. About the Campaign

The poster campaign aims to promote the product driven by the copy, “Great taste at a great price”. Although the product has been aiming at a mass market with its affordable products and generally mass appeal, the smoothie market has been cited to have been experiencing a decline in the past year because of the credit crunch the people has been experiencing. Given these conditions, this particular poster campaign aims to meet the following objectives: • To strongly promote PJ Smoothies in the context of great value-for-money.

• To establish appeal to a specific target audience, particularly the 16-25 year old age range, at about 55% male and 45% female. • To create a strong visual campaign that will appeal to this target market and create strong visual associations among the target, the brand and the copy, “Great taste at a great price”. Sketch on a Target Consumer The campaign’s target consumer, which is going to be mainly representative of this campaign, is a young man of 20 years, a guy whose likely name is Scott. He is studying for his business degree and is looking forward to his placement in a huge company like Reebok.

He lives in Newcastle with his two roommates. Scott is a typical young man with a bright future; his work has so far led him to make fantastic purchases such as cool clothes, jeans, and trainers, and he constantly has something set aside for snowboarding. Scott also has an active social life as he goes out every week; Fridays is a ritual from work, and then back to the university, and then after a long day he goes out for a bit of shopping, hanging out with his friends and having some beer. Despite such active lifestyle, his drink of choice is PJ Smoothies because it is healthy and is very affordable.

Although he is not consciously active about his health, PJ Smoothies supplement his lifestyle because he is constantly on the go and he gets to have a dose of a healthy and delicious drink that is delicious and affordable. Design and Visual Concept General Notes Based on the brief, the aim of the poster campaign is to promote the drink as “Great taste at great price” and appeal to a specific target market. Based on the sketch of the target customer, the main audiences of the poster campaign are consumers like Scott: university or college students who are socially, academically and professionally active.

In terms of the socioeconomic class of the target customer of the campaign, the range is identified at upper C, B, and across all A. Design and Visual Theme The following are the terms that serve as the foundation of the design concept of the poster: • Young • Mature • Active • Colorful • Cool • Successful • Healthy These identified terms are therefore to be translated into a set of visuals that will be depicted in the poster. In addition, the design and the visual theme of the poster will also reflect the design of the product itself thereby creating visual compatibility that will complement the design of the bottle and the logo.

In addition, another set of considerations is the color schemes based on the flavours of the smoothies. The placement of the product and the copy is also significant. Interpretation of the Copy The interpretation of the copy for the poster campaign, “Great taste at a great price” is critical in the formulation of the design of the poster. From the copy itself, it shows that PJ Smoothies offers a good alternative to consumers for its great taste, to the health value of the drink, to the price of one bottle.

Interpreting “Great taste at a great price” requires a smart translation into a set of visuals that also match the previously enumerated “foundations” of the design concept which are young, mature, active, colorful, cool, successful and healthy. Hence, the copy can be interpreted as a means to depict both the product and the consumer through a well-designed poster that appeals to the target market. References for Pegs References for the design and visual theme of the poster will be based on the following basic pegs: • The PJ Smoothies logo • The PJ Smoothies bottle and label design

• The visuals as seen in the product’s website at http://www. pj-smoothies. co. uk/ • Images of active, urban and modern early 20-somethings Visual Images Treatment Based on the previously discussed concept of the poster, the overall treatment of the copy resorts to “Great taste at a great price” plus the design concept terms leading to a general design based on “choice”. By choice this means that the product is featured as a smart choice for today’s smart young consumers. Since there is the aspect of “smart choice”, it is therefore important to depict the other objects or products that the consumer gets to choose from.

This therefore demonstrates the advantage of the PJ Smoothies over other products such as other drinks, other fruit-based drink products, and even over other health drinks. The advantages of choosing PJ Smoothies, as to be depicted in the poster, are based on the following: • The value of PJ Smoothies at 99p per 250 ml. bottle. • Packed with flavour at a small price • Packed with nutritional elements • Convenience for those on the go • Great range of flavours to choose from Furthermore, along with the aspect of “choice”, the poster will also show the other products that are to be chosen from; these “relevant” products are as follows:

• Softdrinks • Canned juices and drinks • Bottled coffee-based drinks • Energy drink • Flavoured water • Fruit drinks in cartons • Actual fruits The general treatment is that a 20-something guy dressed in urban fashion as a young professional or a senior college student, with a backpack and earphones hooked to his iPod, is “on the go” and peeks into the refrigerator showing all these other products on the rack. The details of these other canned, bottled and carton products are blurred, but there is a sense as to what these products are.

Four bottles of PJ Smoothies, highlighting the Apples, Kiwi and Lime variety, is about to be grabbed by the man with an expression of delight. Additional Copy and Text The main copy of the poster is “Great taste at a great price” but given the treatment of the concept, it is proposed that additional copy and text can be seen on the poster. The sub-copy of the poster is “Stock up on something healthy and on the go”; this supports the fact that the image to be highlighted in the poster is based on a “scene” at the refrigerator.

Additional text is the price of the 250 ml bottle of PJ Smoothies at 99p. Visual Elements and Art Direction Details The poster design emphasises more the main image of the young man choosing the PJ Smoothies over the other products and drinks inside his refrigerator. The poster has a magnified look which means the poster, overall, represents the POV (point-of-view) of the audience; this is the dominating visual feature of the poster. The shot of the image is taken from the inside of the refrigerator. The products and the main product shots are in the foreground.

The young man reaching for the product is framed by the refrigerator, and although he is in the background, the man looms over the products. One of his arms holds open the door of the refrigerator and the other reaches for a PJ Smoothie bottle. Since the shot is from the inside of the refrigerator, the prevailing color is white with muted colors of the other products and a yellowish wash coming from the light inside the refrigerator. The PJ Smoothies, however, are clear and colorful, and the young man is also distinctive.

The positioning of the bottle is diagonal with the highlighted Apples, Kiwi and Lime variety at the forefront; slightly hidden behind it on its right is Strawberry, Apple and Rhubarb, followed by the Mandarin Orange and Guava. On the other side, partly hidden, is the Strawberries and Bananas bottle. As for the details of the other products, the labels are blurred but they are more distinct according to generic labeling such as “milk”, “fruit juice”, “cola” and “fruity water” as the labels found in the other products. The young man’s attire is a vest over a white shirt with a dark structured jacket.

His earphones are showing. He is wearing a black, wide-faced watch and a thin leather friendship bracelet around his wrist, and a school ring; his backpack is also structured as it holds a laptop and other stuff. The young man’s look his urban and sleek, yet with a sense of openness and mischievousness that make the young man accessible and attractive. The young man is looking at the product with excitement as he grabs it. With respect to the image, the text “Stock up on something healthy and on the go” is placed on the top of portion of the poster, off-centered to the right.

The font is “Identity” (http://simplythebest. net/fonts/fonts/identity. html) bold at size 90 for a 36-inch poster, colour red. For the copy “Great taste at a great price”, the font is still “Identity” bold at size 120, colour green. The placement of this particular copy is below the image is centered. A The PJ Smoothies logo, “PJ’s”, is in the standard colour of purple/violet shades. It is positioned at the lower right corner of the poster. Above the logo is an outline of a PJ Smoothie bottle. Inside the bottle is the dominating text “99p” and, below is, at smaller font, “250 ml”.

Justification of Design and Selected Visual Elements The selection of the concept and the treatment in which a refrigerator is used as the “scene” is based on the idea of a regular “slice of life” of the young man in which he grabs his choice of drink on the way to school or work, or maybe an afternoon in town. The look of the young man is based on the idea that the target audience of the product is a young man on his way to success making his smart choices according to his active and productive lifestyle.

The shot from the inside of the refrigerator can be regarded as a more personal look at the selected drink of the consumer, the PJ Smoothies, because this highlights the choice. This is also an opportunity to put the consumer and the product together whereas promoting the concept of choice over other products. This shot also allows a better highlight for a product shot. Hence, by showcasing that the young man’s refrigerator has the PJ Smoothies products, this connects to the idea that the product is of great value (“Great taste at a great price”) thereby it is feasible to stock on the product (“Stock up on something healthy and on the go”).

The additional copy also emphasises on the health dimension of the product and the convenience brought by the packaging, thereby further extending the appeal based on taste and price. The selection of the font, “Identity”, further conveys the young, cool and active aspect of the ad because the “Identity” font has a sense of dynamics in its design. The positioning of the texts from off-center top to centered below the image creates a narrative line, which can hit spot on on different types of audiences, from the skimmers to the readers.

The visual impact of the logo and the bottle is straightforward and semiotic, which further supports the main copy of the poster; its positioning can be also considered as a strong exclamation point at the end of the print ad. Bibliography Cook, G. 1992. The Discourse of Advertising. Routledge, New York. Cronin, A. 2000. Advertising and Consumer Citizenship: Gender, Images, and Rights. Routledge, New York. Frith, K. Ed. 1997. Undressing the Ad: Reading Culture in Advertising. Peter Lang, New York. Hood, J. 2005. Selling the Dream: Why Advertising Is Good Business.

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