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Problem Identification

A disaster is any occurrence, either man made or natural, which causes destruction of properties, the environment or even people’s lives. But prior to a disaster, the government is the body that helps people prepare by providing people information about a certain disaster that might occur in that certain location. But the information provided by the government cannot prevent a disaster from occurring; they are just guidelines to help people be prepared in case of any disaster that might happen. When a disaster strikes a particular place, prepared or not, a large damage will happen.

The immediate response to a disaster is a relief or rescue operation. Several organizations may it be private or government organizations are always present during a disaster. Their role is to assess and offer help to the survivors of the disaster. Even if several agencies participate in the assessment and damage control during disasters, the government should be in full control during such happenings. The government should be the central body to deal with disaster related concerns. Groups and agencies can do their assessment of the situation, but the government should be the one to decide what is to be done during such incident.

They are the body to provide food and shelter, also funds to government and non government organizations that helps during these occurrences. It can work hand in hand with other groups or organizations to better assess the situation and to help them in deciding what are the actions to be taken. But primarily, the government should be the one to decide on everything that concerns a disaster occurrence. Reference: Business Round Table (2009). About Disaster Response. Retrieved June 5, 2009, from http://www. respondtodisaster. org/node/33

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