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Professor Dickens possesses

They say that life is meaningless without passion. Passion is some intangible feeling that only humans can ever understand. It may be a person, an interest, a movie, television series or even a subject taught in class, humans are prone to subjective emotional insights and an attachment to their passions. I have never known a man that has so much fervor for his craft. I know that I was not the only one who recognized his enthusiasm every time he meets us at an ungodly time at night. I enjoyed how he uses his personal experiences in trying to reach out to us, in trying to make us understand what he is teaching us.

I like that he is proud of his ethnicity and he never let that become a hindrance in achieving his success. I admire him in so many ways that I hope for every professor to be just like him, and nothing less. His class has been one of the most productive classes that I have ever attended. He knows the ups and downs of what has to be learned in music, and because of that I trust that whatever he teaches us is of utmost importance and is a must know in the field. He wanted us to learn about his most respected opera singers namely Marian Anderson and Leontyne Price that he asked us to write a paper on them.

I like what he did, this technique because I found out for myself how great these two artists are, and the professor did not have to stand and speak in front of us all day trying to convince us of how worthy these artists are. His credentials speak for themselves, and I know that the school would not hire him if he were not that good. However, beyond the tangible aspects of knowledge, I found something else more rewarding as a student, something that also gave me a drive to learn more. And it was his personal experiences that he shared that made me respect and admire him more as a person than a professor.

I believe that if you want to teach others, you have to be openly honest to them. You have to let them know when you are not feeling at your prime, or when you feel like you can take over the world anytime. I deem this important so that the people who are listening to you will be aware and can adjust to the situation at hand. This is one of the qualities that Professor Dickens possesses. The lifelong lessons that he shared are important to me. He showed me courage, because he said that he would never turn his back from his ethnicity and his roots, that he is proud of being black.

Having to say that aloud in front of a number of people is something to be admired. He shared the story of his brother not getting the opportunity to learn how to read and write but is now a very successful and wealthy real estate businessman in spite of what happened. He even broke down in front of us while telling the story. It just proves even more that no matter how intelligent we are and how we assume an authoritative figure in class, we are all still human. This is what makes him different from all the other instructors that I have ever met.

He has successfully combined his knowledge and his passion for his craft and his way of teaching has enlightened me, showed me what real music is all about. Creating music is not as simple as sitting down in front of the piano and pressing random keys. Music is a form of passion. It is an art, a means of expressing oneself, of indulging in what we want to believe it true and share this passion to others. This is knowledge that one cannot find in any textbooks or articles, this is knowledge that comes from the heart. Teaching music should be combined with a passion for it, or else, it’s useless.

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