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Rationalize things

It all started when I heard that my both my parents have already decided to separate. This led me to my difficult times with regards to my academics. I was so confused, depressed and discouraged thinking of what will happen to my future with my parents especially now that they have decided to divorce. Because of my ill feelings of discouragement and confusion I could not concentrate on anything like my academics, I also have sleepless nights just thinking of those things too much.

The problems I had just gave my transient sickness like headaches and stomachaches which also affected my performance at school. I told my mother I want to go back to home but she advised me to finish first the semester and that I should not worry about our family’s condition. I followed my mother’s advice and I really tried to concentrate and study hard at school but I could not afford to just don’t mind the things that are happening in my family, that in return; it really stressed me out.

To resolve the problem that I have, I went to visit my best friend to get help but he told me that if it just added to my stress and difficulty then I stop schooling. I would like to stop schooling because I was too overwhelmed with my problem but an inner force just stops me from doings so. I really communicated to those people that I think could help me because through communication I could voice out my needs and then people will understand what I went through which great affected my academic performance.

Using the six steps problem solving method, I can say that maybe I have come up with better solutions than what I have done on my own knowledge. Although I followed some of the steps but it is still totally different if I strictly implemented the steps in order for me to solve my problem. Following the heuristic is a lot better than just simply solving a problem with one’s own way. It helps someone categorize and rationalize things as they ought to be.

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