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Regions of Missouri

In today’s fast-paced world, the idea of spending a few nights sleeping in a tree probably sounds like an improbable vacation destination. However, fascinating opportunities abound in the Ozark mountain regions of Missouri, and these regions offer unique and unforgettable vacation venues which offer access both to the great outdoors and the glitz of city night-life.

Although many people might think of Missouri as merely “that state next to Illinois” (“Take the Kids on” 4) the fact is that the southern areas of Missouri which are “home to the scenic Ozark Mountains” (“Take the Kids on” 4) are a worthy destination for anyone seeking a pleasant and one-of-a-kind getaway. The Ozark Mountains in Southern Missouri have provided a lush and fun travel spot for many decades; the area is rich in history as well as in natural botanical wonders.

Long recognized as a treasure-zone for wildflowers, trees, and wildlife, the Ozarks of southern Missouri offer spectacular bounties of nature. It is likely that “no section in Missouri is richer in flowers” (Federal Writers’ Project 22) . As mentioned, accommodations range from the obvious, four-star hotel setting, to the exotic tree-house abode, where an entire family is able to reside within a fully-modern tree-house. The rooms are spacious and sleep “up to six with a master bedroom and loft bedroom,” (“Take the Kids on” 4).

There are also “a fully equipped kitchen, microwave oven and air conditioning,” (“Take the Kids on” 4) so visiting is comfortable even during the hot summer months. The tree-house accommodations are available at “The River of Life Farm” (“Take the Kids on” 4) which borders on the Mark Twain National Forest. In this Federal park, visitors have recourse to “abundant hiking opportunities, floatable streams and 16 lakes” (“Take the Kids on” 4) as well as unique trails for bikes, motorcycles, horses, and all-terrain vehicles.

The landscape is beautiful and rich, offering “amphibians, reptiles, birds and more than 50 types of mammals” (“Take the Kids on” 4) for those who enjoy observing or photographing wildlife. Within this wonderland of nature, certain famous destinations are must-see, such as Lake of the Ozarks, which is most spectacular during the autumn season. It is highly popular as “a great spot to see beautiful fall color if your visit is in October” (“Researching a Fall Vacation in Missouri’s Ozarks” 11), and even if your visit is not in the fall, the Lake of the Ozarks and associated resort areas are well worth exploring.

If nature’s charms begin to wear thin, there are ample options for city-life and night-clubs. The attractions in the Ozarks wilderness setting are very near to “the famous shows of Branson, Silver Dollar City ” (“Take the Kids on” 4) which are sure to excite even the most onerous traveler. When it comes to the extremely picky — the teenagers — Branson may fail, but there will still be the Fantastic Caverns in Springfield which “are great for parents with little ones or sluggish teens because you tour in jeep-drawn trams” (“Take the Kids on” 4).

So, obviously, the Ozark region offers something for everyone. For those who truly have a rambling-lust about them, the Ozarks continue on, far past the borders of Missouri and offer a massive region to explore and enjoy while leisurely traveling through an area which is comprised of “most of northern Arkansas, southern Missouri, eastern Oklahoma, a small section of eastern Kansas, and a small portion of southern Illinois” (McNeil 1).

This wide expanse is amply suited for a family vacation, a couples vacation, or even for a person who is vacationing alone. Works Cited Federal Writers’ Project. A Guide to the “Show Me” State. New York: Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1941. McNeil, W. K. Ozark Country. Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 1995. “Researching a Fall Vacation in Missouri’s Ozarks. ” Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) : 11. “Take the Kids on a Slow-MO Vacation in Missouri’s Placid Ozark Mountains. ” Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) 14 May 2006: 4.

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