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Response to Christopher Connoly

IS/IT is a complement to the business processes and transforms the enterprise to a length which would bring large scale competitive advantage. IS/IT forms a part of the business infrastructure and is a catalyst in change management for all its processes. Information system places an organization in right degree of operation and in comparison with its competitors (Trepper, 2000). An organization can only have competitive advantage when they are able to use the existing information resources at its best.

In the case study, it is clear that information system has enabled Netflix to identify and capitalize on resources in a better sense and would enable better resource management for reducing cost not just in terms of money but also in terms of effort and time. Response to Christopher Connoly: I would contradict with the last sentence mentioning that the information system cannot promise long term advantage.

The rationale is that information system as it ages, grows with the business and successfully taps all resources and enables better integration and trend analysis of business data for identifying the loopholes and taking timely actions for business continuity and growth. So it is strongly debatable that IT cannot serve long term objectives of a business. Response to Jason Gardner: The view towards Blockbuster’s gaining competitive advantage back from Netflix may be to some extent can be worked out with a merger.

However, the primary focus would be an innovative strategy to understand the customers dynamically changing preferences with advent of technology and to capitalize on that. Blockbuster requires to closely studying customer’s crucial requirements for ubiquity and personalization to achieve brand loyalty in the medium term. All these factors combined together would not only position them better but would enable enhancing and retaining the customer in the long run. References/Bibliography Trepper, C. (2000) E-Commerce Strategies, Mapping your organizations success in today’s competitive marketplace, Microsoft Press, pp. 138-140, 153.

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