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Same Sex Marriages

This paper is about the same sex marriage of Kevin Bourassa and Joe Varnell, which captured the world’s attention when it was celebrated on January 14, 2001. The couple had also written a book about their wedding, “Just Married,” that was published by Doubleday in Canada and by the University of Wisconsin Press in the United States. The website, http://www. samesexmarriage. ca/bios/index. html, speaks that Kevin and Joe “may be Canada’s most celebrated gay couple” and the “forefront of the gay rights movement in Canada in this young millennium.

” They also participate in efforts towards the dissemination of information regarding same sex unions by appearing in fundraising events, interviews, talks and rallies. The website also says that Joe and Kevin also participated in the International Lesbian and Gay Law Association’s conference on marriage, partnerships and parenting. They were also the featured authors at a writers’ festival in Ottawa. Despite their fast-paced schedules in raising public awareness of all that it means to be gay, the couple kept their day jobs and maintained a steady and normal life.

The both work in a bank. Kevin works for a bank’s business group while Joe acts as a consultant in a bank’s technology group. Judging from its content, the site’s content seems to be reliable and credible. In hindsight, one must bear in mind that the site content may or may not be credible. But the fact that the site owner intends to disseminate information and public awareness of gay rights, one must give credit to the trustworthiness of the website.

In addition, the articles presented here have been reviewed for style, prose, completeness, accuracy and neutrality. The website has presented the opinion and point of view of certain individuals whose opinions oppose the question relating to same sex marriages. Furthermore, the website also added newspaper clips and excerpts from reliable sources. It made the voices of certain organizations as reference, which one, as the website viewer, can say that this website is generally trustworthy. The information presented in the website is also useful.

It is a useful tool in disseminating information and public awareness with regards to same sex marriages. It also seeks to foster equality and advocacy of gay rights. Moreover, the information offered by the site is objective. It also made reference to newspaper clips and excerpts, which expands the information presented as one could explore their research to these references. Conclusion The process of judging the content based on its trustworthiness and usefulness is an intellectual task, which involves naturalistic inquiries.

The criteria of trustworthiness are based on the standards of validity, reliability and objectivity. Somehow, the website content has satisfied me with its credibility; hence, meeting the criteria of trustworthiness. In addition, the content is useful. It is informative. It provides not only the site’s main program, which is gay marriages, but also additional side stories worth reading, and one which keeps you glued on your screen. Source: http://www. samesexmarriage. ca/bios/index. html

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