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Scholarship essay

I am an enthusiastic student who lacks the necessary financial resources to continue my educational ambitions. However, I do not wish to be held back due to this reason, and am applying for a scholarship to continue my education. I am restricted in my aspiration to fund my educational goals, since as a fulltime student I am not allowed to take up a job. However, I do not have any savings to support me and would be completely dependant only on the scholarship and the salary from the part time job.

Additionally, my husband is also pursuing a PhD at the same university, which has put increased our expenses while there has been no increase in the stipend. Life for me and my family has not been easy and my parents are not qualified enough to have well paying jobs. Due to this reason, our life has been difficult and the earnings have been barely enough to maintain simple lives. My parents have often tried in many different to help me out but I do not want to burden them any more.

I want to fund my own education and want to take up a respectable job so that I can improve my parents’ life in some way possible. I am also ambitious and want to achieve success in life through a good academic career and degree, which will enable me to acquire a well paying respectable job. Previously too I had applied for a scholarship and have been receiving a research assistant stipend since the year 2006. I am a treasurer in a student group and have trustfully carried out my functions to the best of my abilities.

Our group has been functional and we had invited distinguished speakers to give a lecture to all the graduate students and faculties, within our budget expenses to provide knowledge to students regarding community service activities. Our group had also organized a volunteer service to the Food Bank Lubbock and helped them with the arrangements of the food. Given a chance, I will make the best use of this scholarship as well to achieve success in my academic life and subsequently in my professional life as well. Looking forward to a favorable reply.

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