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Self Reflective Essay

Assessing my own progress in the course so far is definitely not such an easy task. For one, personal evaluation most of the time leads into biased comments or sometimes is even far from reality just to make it sound better. Of course, it is not difficult to assume that the perspective of the instructor regarding a student may be affected by what is written in self reflective essays such as this.

However, even with such thoughts, I will definitely try to evaluate myself in the best possible manner. Throughout the course, up to the recent discussions, I think that I have understood each part rather well. Basically, I have a sufficient level of familiarity with each of the topic discussed and if given the opportunity I think I may even be able to make a good outline of what has been thought so far. In this sense, I am generally satisfied with my overall performance in the course.

Nevertheless, I do admit that I also have a number of shortcomings as well that explains why I have not been able to completely understand each and every topic. For one, I am still easily distracted by other things that I might do instead of the assigned works. Another reason is that I am still quite hesitant when it comes to additional readings and reviews just for the goal of achieving better understanding. Thus, I think that it is quite obvious that it is my own work ethics and attitude that is holding me back.

In general, as I have mentioned, my appreciation of the course and my level of knowledge regarding the topics discussed throughout are of a suitable level, which have made me survive it this far. However, if I am to aim for higher marks, I should not place the blame on the difficulty of the course or make excuses that the discussions given are not well presented, but rather just opt to adjust my own personal approach for the better.

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