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Humans can make connections between old and new perspectives while eliminating boundaries between the two although this is not always the case. While we may be able to rely on previous experiences to base our current perspectives on certain issues, the lack of previous experiences and other precedents will eventually compel us to make new perspectives (Nass, 1994). These new perspectives may be based on other perspectives but these perspectives are not part of the old perspectives that we may expect (Ulrich & Barney, 1984).

An example to illustrate the point is the case of certain personal problems. For instance, I am dealing with the problem of anxiety over my Mathematics subject because I am unable to satisfy one of the requirements for the first time. My lack of previous experience in dealing with the situation will force me to make a new perspective on how to approach the problem.

I am draw upon my experiences with other subjects but those experiences do not necessarily provide me with the exact perspective I need in dealing with the specific problem. Another example is when people vote for the first time during the national elections. The fact that they are first-time voters implies that they have no previous experience which can stand as their precedent in coming with a specific perspective on who to vote and on what grounds.

As a result, these individuals are forced to come-up with their own perspectives for the first time in their lives. Nonetheless, future elections may urge them to make connections between their first-time perspective and their new perspective since they already have the old perspective in which they can base their new perspective. It is the tendency of human beings to draw connections between old and new perspectives in order to arrive at the best perspective possible (Taylor & Todd, 1995).

However, our lack of experience in certain situations usually pushes us to make new perspectives for ourselves. References Nass, C. (1994). Knowledge or Skills: Which Do Administrators Learn from Experience Organization Science, 5(1), 38-50. Taylor, S. , & Todd, P. (1995). Assessing IT Usage: The Role of Prior Experience. MIS Quarterly, 19(4), 561-570. Ulrich, D. , & Barney, J. B. (1984). Perspectives in Organizations: Resource Dependence, Efficiency, and Population. The Academy of Management Review, 9(3), 471-481.

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