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The Association of American Educators

The Association of American Educators (AAE) organization serves the teaching industry through member benefits, training programs, insurance programs, and educator resources. Through these programs and networking capabilities, the AAE contributes greatly toward professional knowledge and advancement for American educators and if I pursue my interest in the field it will be a great foundation and reference tool to help me begin my career. According to their website, the AAE’s mission is ‘America’s premier teachers’ association, advancing the profession through personal growth, professional development, teacher advocacy and protection.

It is also the country’s fastest growing national, nonprofit, nonunion teachers’ association and has members in all fifty states (Association). Through their commitment to academic excellence and their devotion to both educators and students, the AAE avoids any political involvement in order to maintain a fair and balanced environment. To become a member of the AAE one must be a certified and practicing educator as well as committing to the AAE’s Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is instituted in order to develop and encourage a shared and standard ideological platform that all educators can rely upon.

It is a basic condition that calls for the ‘ethical conduct toward students, ethical conduct toward practices and performance, and ethical conduct toward professional colleagues (Association). In this spirit all of the over 300,000 members educate with respect toward everyone and everything they come into contact with. Once educators join the AAE and commit to the Code of Ethics, they are enrolled in a great benefits program that includes $2,000,000 liability insurance policy, access to legal assistance at the onset of problems, and additional and supplementary insurance benefit plans.

Furthermore, educators get special access to training programs as well as a subscription to the resource magazine Education Matters. The website also contains numerous links to complementary resources and websites such as ABC Teaching Jobs, The American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence, The Education Intelligence Agency, The National Association for Beginning Teachers, amongst many others professional and non-profit educational organizations. The AAE is a diverse and wide-ranging non-profit organization that has the best interests of its members in mind.

To aid and assist professional development and better teaching environments, the AAE is committed to protecting and enabling the rights of educators to join unions in order to secure fair pay and favorable working conditions. To this end, the Association of American Educators Foundation has partnered with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation to fight and defend any of its members that feel their working environments are not up to standard (Association).

Through all of the programs and resources that the AAE provides or makes available, the future of American educators has a brighter future. From the insurance and liability coverage to the teacher resources and training programs, to the union representation, the AAE serves the best interests of its members. If I decide to embark on a career in the teaching profession, I look forward to joining organizations like the AAE in order to help further my professional development and to provide ongoing training and coverage.

These factors along with my personal growth will help me to achieve professional success and satisfaction in the classroom which will in turn positively impact the lives and education of the students I serve throughout the United States. Works Cited The Association of American Educators. (2009). Retrieved 21 March 2009, from http://www. aaeteachers. org/index. shtml

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