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The film Angel-A

The film Angel-A movie released in 2005 was a notable film for showing viewers about different aspects of the French culture. Although the film is shown in black and white, Director Luc Besson was able to make the film a success in letting viewers be enticed and stay in their seats. It discusses a supernatural love story set in one of the world’s most romantic country, Paris. The location gave the viewers a glimpse of what a French environment looks like. The characters also show how people from that culture behave and show what are some beliefs and traditions that they follow.

French culture is such an interesting topic top deal with. Watching Angel-A will make viewers an avid fan of the said culture and find themselves longing to visit Paris. There are many architectural designs seen in the movie that made gothic architecture really appealing to the eye. One cannot help but admire the creativity of French people in constructing such infrastructures. Aside from the fact that French culture is always symbolized by churches, people also greatly believe in God regardless of what religion you are in.

The movie is one way of telling viewers that there is really a separation between heaven and earth. This was proven through the character of Angela who was sent from heaven down to earth to save and enlighten Andre. She is one of the representations of holy creatures who wish to change the life of a mortal. She successfully made her mission accomplished by saving the life of the ex-convict and they fell in love at the end of the story. The movie is intriguing yet educational. It shows different aspects of the French culture and how people manage to love that way. Merrymaking is really visible especially during the night.

As Angel-A and Andre took a cruise, they visited Parisian nightspot and prove to the viewers how French people loves drinking wine. This is because France is one of the oldest wine producing regions in Europe. The locations of the movie also feature famous Paris locations and iconic tourist destinations. It pays homage to the city of light by showing even the underground hideaways, alleys and staircases. One remarkable scene in the movie is during the time that Andre attempts to commit suicide in one of Paris’s famous stone bridge but Angela comes across him and save him from taking his life.

The character of Angela in the movie dominated the film. Not only because of her role as an angel and how she made a major change in the life of Andre but also because of her distinctive characteristics. Although she is an angel, Angela shows what a French woman looks like. Living in Paris which is also known as the fashion capital of the world, Angela has the renewed dominance when it comes to looks and posture. She is tall, blonde and accentuated by a micro mini skirt and spiked heels. She is a clear manifestation of what a French model looks like. She is the complete opposite of Andre who is an Algerian but has an American green card.

He is small with a black curly hair that is in deep misery long before he met Angela. The two made it to the end and settled all the debts of Andre while working things out together. Although Andre tries it hard to speak in French, his original native tongue appears obviously. Part of the French culture is how people manage their values and do their part in helping out others. This was well proven in the film as Angela did her best to help Andre get out from all his troubles. The movie Angel- A is really a remarkable film that shows viewers what it feels like to be in a strange land but still made you feel at home.

The case of Andre may be hard to endure but the stereotypical attitude of a French was shown through Angela and made a major change in his life. The fascinating city of Paris also made the movie more appealing since the story is more like of a fairy tale plus the enchanting places on each scene. The amazing views in Paris along with its ugly places were depicted in the movie. It also shows how difficult it is to live in a culture for people who do not fit the stereotype of what it means to be French. The movie delivered different aspects of French culture and how people struggles to fit into a culture and value one’s self.

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