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Values in Politics

More than the suggestion of learning the lesson to implement monetary and fiscal policies and accounting the politicians for their actions rather than allow then to point fingers on everyone else except for themselves, it is also important to develop an action plan. More than the policies, there is a need for action. In consideration of sociological factors, action may be motivated by some beneficial results for the individual contributing to a successful solution. Responsibility as had been mentioned by the author in the post is a needed measure to hold these politicians accountable for their actions.

However, the responsibility needed to take action has a larger dimension than just simply making one politician responsible for his actions. The concept of a tangible solution to resolve real problems is indeed necessary to progress from the critical economic condition. It will however, be insufficient to come up with only policies without attending to several other factors like the sociological perspective and the cultural norm that also require reform in the government organization.

The need to re-assess the political values and define a concrete standard in the efforts to achieve progressive change is also needed along with the policies as such sociological factors also play a significant role in resolving the current economic dilemma of the country. There is a need to associate the social values in the political arena with the tangible actions such as the implementation of the policies in the monetary and fiscal contexts.

It is also to be understood that risks are always present and there can be no perfect solution but there can be an effective solution so that along the way, it can be modified as the cavities in the resolution are identified. Therefore, it is recommended that the government as an organization should apply a standard value when confronted with such critical issues to be able to sit down in unity and implement necessary action plans needed to resolved the problem. Prioritizing the definition of values in the political arena slows down the bouts among politicians, rather unifies them to come up with an effective solution to the problem.

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