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Feeling Emotional

Racism is one of the major dilemmas our society is facing nowadays. Although we are in this present generation yet prejudice and racism always exist. Wherever we go, it can not be denied that racism is always on the corner. It is an incurable sickness of humanity unless the individual will let go of his pride and superior complex. I have this experienced in the past about a friend. This friend of mine is very critical when it comes to different kinds of race. She believes that our race is the most superior among all races and every race should look up to us.

In connection to this, she really hates the people in the Middle East. She has negative perceptions against Arabs and every time she meets an Arab in our place, she really can’t control herself but to raise her eyebrows. She looks at them as terrorists. I tried to discuss it with her and let her realize that because of her actions, she becomes a racist. In other words, she tends to belittle other people and look up herself as superior. In order for her to realize it, I never give my advices directly but instead I raise questions that would lead her into a realization.

I also asked her to put herself into the shoe of the race she dislike, how would she feel? I let her understand that God made us equally and everyone has the right to live and deserve a respect from other people. I also added that if she cannot respect other people, it is just like she doesn’t respect herself and because of this kind of attitude, it results to unending chaos. Fortunately, she listened to me and realized that what I am saying to her are all true.

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