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Racism and Religion

Religious beliefs have a might to become a powerful driver for racism enhancing. The idea is hidden in pseudo superiority of one race above the others. Orthodox and Catholic Church Postulates condemn racism at every form. It is a clear vision on racism as totally wrong attitude to another human being. The personal perception of Holly Words written in Bible about GOD’s love to all his children disregarding the race, social status, etc, cannot lead people to race conflicts causing fights and deaths.

There is a line of equality between GOD and his people and true evidence that GOD loves all people whatever skin color they have. The problem is in Christianity’s forgiveness for racists: while the GOD’s message shows the strict condemnation against racism there is no evidence for hatred to racists, as they are also the human beings, equally beloved by GOD. It is a very constructive manner to challenge racism. For Christians perception of Holy Words is always adequate – GOD doesn’t want his people to treat each other with any sort of bias, he warns us do not fall in racist anger and hatred with our brothers and sisters.

At the same time for non Christians the words from Holy Bible have attitude only towards GOD, he isn’t a racist, and there is no statement about his people, what should they do. The second important quote says: “What you do unto the least of my people you do unto me” (Bruce, 2002). There is no chance to keep playing on the double standards. You cannot hate and love the different people, which have done the same thing only because their skin color or ethnicity belonging differs from yours. Christian reaction on racism can be as violent as non-violent.

Such famous public person as Martin Luther King has made a great contribution in fighting racism. America in its 1950s – 1960s was a place, where prejudice and black people’s discrimination was a norm of social majority behavior. Martin Luther King became a man of the epoch, because of his anti racism campaign, which was highly actual up to time conditions. It has changed significantly the status of black people across US. Dr. King’s antiracist concept was based on his Christian principles of equal treatment for black people and white. Love is a power to change enemy into friend. Racism and Social Freedom

Contemporary society experiences a problem with a new theoretical framework of racism struggling. In accordance with this theoretical form a social freedom is able to become a part of racist problem but not the key to its solution. One of the loudest speaking examples is associated with modern press role in contribution into prejudice beliefs and racial reproduction issue. Investigating the works of the most popular and respectful press, such as The Sun (UK) or Build Zeitung (Germany) we receive a chance to underline the important cases containing biased newsgathering, biased topics used and biased language usage.

Very often all the respectful sources cited on popular publications’ pages belong to “white” owners or publically honored ethnic leaders and experts. On the other hand, the minority groups or marginal outsiders, refugees are mentioned only in accordance with some negative cases; wither immigration issues, drugs, crimes or terrorism. It shapes public opinion accordingly. The honors and contributions made by people from minority circle are seldom mentioned if mentioned at all. Racism in the press as one of the main social freedom and opinion shapers is not a popular topic, that’s why it hasn’t been treated as a serious problem till yet.

Nobody cares about the influence made by such threatening metaphors as immigration invasion or waves. These words are deeply sitting in our minds since the years, affecting our perception of immigration problem and people, which are behind it. Democracy dictates the rules under those no democratic organization, group or institution cannot be absolutely free. There is a sort of balancing control, which predicts the transformation of complete freedom into abuse or dictatorship. These rules in democratic society are applicable to government, business organization, private institutions and community groups.

These rules are to be also taken by free press and journalists. The laws of democratic state prohibit racism and prejudice. European states participate in the international declaration of human rights which is focused on fighting with racism at every form. Reviewing racism in the frame of social freedom the good point is to underline official and non official forms racism is able to take over. There are the traces of racism encouraged by law (government) and there are the cases, which do not put the responsibility for it on non citizen.

Compensatory programs were developed as a respond for the freshly appeared forms of racism – press, official and non official. Due to various compensatory programs implemented there is an opportunity to get a compensation for such officially sanctioned racism as actions against Native Americans, Japanese-Americans, and Africans. These programs are focused on historical cases thus badly adapted to present demands. In order to overcome the situation with compensatory programs the innovative future oriented models were developed. Their key task is focusing on the present situation and avoiding deep looking into past enquiries.

Nowadays, society should work on giving permit and encouraging on affirmation of racial identity. Conclusion Antiracism movement can be supported on different levels including various fields of people’s activities. On political level fighting against racism should be supported by acceptance recognition, respect and promotion of cultural diversity. Strategically the basics of democratic society excludes the seed of racism cultivation, therefore it is a good motivation for business and community institutions across the democratic states.

On legislation level all the laws and norms are to be comprehensive, covering and tracking all forms of discrimination, including the initial definition of discrimination. Legislation base should be applicable in all spheres of public life, and accepted on individual recognition level. Support and development of cultural ethic strategy for complete liquidation of historically based roots of racism should become a task for governmental institution on strategic planning and policy implementation levels. References: 1. Bruce, D.

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