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Grown exponentially

1. In the past thirty years, technology has grown exponentially. Typewriters have become defunct, owning a landline is unnecessary and now even little children have access to the other side of the world using a webcam. Indeed, technology has evolved so overwhelmingly fast that even the older generation who typically would have no interest in such a thing have managed to cope. With technology advancement came the advancement of the people. No longer are careers of women restricted to being a secretary or a typist. There are machines now to do those things. Women have managed to go head to head with the male populace.

No longer is typewriting a required course in school, it was replaced by computer courses. The best thing about technology, however, is that it keeps on improving. There are billion-dollar empires investing in it to provide more advancement for the people of this world. 2. In 2100, the world will probably be so advanced. Research is an ongoing process and mankind will always look for room for improvement. It is more likely than not that people will still require mobile phones, perhaps not in the embodiment of a mobile phone unit like today, but whatever is handier and more convenient to carry that serves as a communication device.

Because of steep competition, manufacturers will want brand awareness, there will be a lot of high-tech forms of gimmicks that these manufacturers will do just to so they can sell. Paying for the advanced devices will likely not be an issue. Competition will do the price check and it will continuously drive the cost down. Companies will want to market themselves as an institution that provides the highest form of technological savvy and at the same time reducing cost for everyone. People will still be able to afford the new advancement.

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