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Personal Statement

The program I am applying for is a Master of Science Program in Occupational Therapy at the Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis. Occupational Therapy, also known as “OT” is a field that focuses on using meaningful occupations to help people with limitations to participate in different activities throughout their lives. Pursuing a career in the field of Occupational therapy would provide me with the opportunity to help different people to engage in productive activities, contribute meaningfully to the society and make relevant adaptations to resuming and retaining such activities.

I would like to study at the Indiana University because it offers the appropriate environment, mentoring and tutoring I need to develop my potentials and desired skills. The University offers courses on Occupational Therapy that I’ve always been interested in and would love to excel at. The courses are comprehensive, detailed and are offered by expert tutors with numerous years of experience and a track record of excellence. Efficient teaching methods, facilities and state-of the-art technologies are also available to facilitate effective learning with as little difficulty as possible.

Interactive methods of teaching, skills assessment, comprehensive grading techniques and assignments will be employed as necessary tools to enable me to learn and exchange ideas with other students. The well-equipped laboratory space and spacious classrooms available are conducive to facilitate knowledge retention and transfer amongst teachers and students. The faculty, teaching staff and personnel are all dedicated to ensuring that all students receive quality education on our collective journey to realizing our professional aspirations.

I would also have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with students of different cultures, family backgrounds, religion and nationality. My academic goals are extensive but realizable. My first academic goal involves exploring how occupational therapy can be used to improve peoples’ lives. I would like to learn more about the various occupations that people with limitations can engage in to improve their conditions. This would serve to enlighten me on how people can improve the quality of their lives by seeking the counsel and services of an occupational therapist.

Secondly, I would like to acquire the skills necessary for a lifetime of continuous learning and change management. The opportunity to learn about the physical, behavioral and biological sciences that are related to the application of occupational therapy would set me on a positive track of personal, community and social development. Thirdly, I would like to master the art of being able to communicate properly with different categories of people on the numerous ways of improving their lives either by writing books related to occupational therapy, talking to them or providing moral support throughout the periods of change they experience.

Ultimately, I would like to be part of a progressive and experienced clinical team that would work together to design activities that promote personal growth as well as create opportunities for challenges and accomplishment. My academic accomplishments are strongly tied to the experience that I would gain doing field work and assignments related to my course. My career objectives include working with clients to enable them perform their basic motor functions and revive their reasoning abilities considerably through the analysis, design and use of computer-aided equipment and other forms of adaptive equipment suited to the clients’ conditions.

I would like to specialize in (indicate your specialty here: physical rehabilitation, learning disabilities, mental health or social care); this would provide me with an opportunity to contribute significantly to the field by helping in the development of intervention programs through which I can monitor clients’ progress, evaluate outcomes and modify the programs as needed; intervention programs are programs designed to make clients’ participation in activities easier and more natural.

I would also like to work as an independent consultant or in conjunction with a team of health professionals to explore the use of technology-assisted equipments to encourage participation in activities and initiation of self-help strategies designed at increasing social, physical and metal activities. Ultimately, I would like to travel across the world to various locations including developing countries like Egypt to assist children facing difficulties with basic functional skills such as communicating, writing, playing, or eating.

I believe I have the necessary potentials to assist clients in living full and independent lives. I have a high level of patience and commendable interpersonal skills that are necessary to inspire trust, confidence and respect in everyone I meet, irrespective of their age groups. I am a creative and innovative person that can easily modify different activities in a bid to improve the conditions of people around me. I can work well in different settings including different rehabilitation and orthopedic settings.

I have excellent communication, problem-solving and organizational skills that would enable me to work well under little or no supervision. As an aspiring occupational therapist, my work will be centered on restoring the functional and social abilities of those with temporary or permanent disabilities. To help my clients, I would have to exude empathy naturally and adopt a professional and understanding approach towards solving their problems. I intend to extend these qualities to my clients in the near future.

I believe I have the necessary qualifications that make me a strong candidate for the program. I am open-mined and passionate about how to improve and sustain the engagement of individuals through the incorporation of productive and fulfilling activities into their daily schedules. I would greatly appreciate an opportunity to study at your renowned institution which would serve as a platform for me to learn more and broaden my experience in the field of Occupational Therapy.

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