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Physical problem

It was approaching the end of the college session and I was busy with my revision. Things were so much for me. I had registered for some extra courses within the physical education department and therefore I utilized every opportunity so that I could study both for my course and for this other extra course. Two days however, before the real day for starting the exam dawned, I got some news that my uncle had been involved in a bad car incident. The incident made me hot and I could not avoid but to sweat.

I guess everyone was looking at me in the reading room and wondering whether I was o. k. the seat in which I was sitting was literally burning me, I stood as if to have a relief but all my body was full of sweat. I remembered my relationship with my uncle who had been very strong and we often communicated on phone on how he was fairing on. I had not communicated to him in the recent days owing to the fact that I had been busy with my revision for the examinations. I regretted for not even having a time to say hallo to him. I felt guilt, unfair and inconsiderate.

He is the one who is responsible for my upbringing when my mom and dad had transferred me from my local school to the school in the urban area where my uncle lived and worked. In fact the family of my uncle represents a people that are significant for my entire childhood life and experiences. I learnt most of the language used in the urban area through them, I learned how to respect the elder people and how to behave in front of them through this family, I learnt how to relate with my teachers through them and I also learnt how to go to church and do the church activities through them.

My first reaction was to walk out of the reading room but as I walked I remembered an assignment that was due the following day and I had decided to do it during my study. My fears increased, the chill in my spinal code could be compared to any other day. I also felt water running down my spinal code, ‘I was really sweating, my professor will kill me’, I thought. Over a couple of weeks ago I had not submitted his assignment on time because I had a problem with my laptop and he had given me the last warning.

This was therefore the last chance and a chance that would promote me. It was either I do it then amidst all the stress or risk remaining in the next level. A bad omen had come on me. Physically, I could not concentrate anymore on any material pertaining my books and I was slowly becoming wet allover my body. With a big move I rose from my sit and matched towards the door of the reading hall. I could not wait and see who was looking at me to see my hidden suspicion about the state in which I was.

My first destination could be my bathroom. In went to my room and took a shower that I thought could relieve my problem. I could not wait to top up my call and really confirm whether the incident was really serious so that I could decide to forego other things. My confirmation yielded that my uncle had been discharged since he was found with minor problems from the accident and therefore was declared not affected physically. This was a real shock to me.

I believed the news yet I had a reservation that it could be a play plan that my cousin whom I had called had planned with the rest of the family so that I could revise for my exam and do other things without thinking so much about the issue. I was once again in shivers and sweating because I thought the results could be either true that my uncle has really been discharged or a bad thing like death had occurred or the family members were hiding from me so that I could know about it later.

My final decision was to travel and see the matter for my self. My fears were confirmed when I found my uncle well and wishing that everybody could be praying so that God could give us mercy. Work cited: Barkauskas, Linda Ciofu Baumann, Cynthia S. Darling-Fisher. Health & physical assessment. Mosby, 2001 David Simel, Drummond Rennie, Robert Hayward, Sheri A. Keitz, Rational Clinical Examination: evidence-based clinical diagnosis. McGraw-Hill Professional, 2008 Herbert Spencer. The principles of psychology, Appleton and company, 1906 (2) 57-100

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