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The New LAPD Headquarters

Being the major executor of the law and the foremost authority in maintaining peace and order in the Los Angeles area, the new Los Angeles Police Department’s building is an edifice that truly represents not only their importance in the community, but more importantly, their absolute authority in exercising their sworn duty to protect the citizens.

The very structure of the building alone, added with its significance to the mission they represent would suffice in declaring the appropriateness of the LAPD Headquarters, as it signifies the utmost level of advocacy and servitude aimed at attaining a suitable social climate where everyone in their area of responsibility is assured of a fair, sensitive, responsible, and professional assistance from their police force. Structural Meaning It is evident that the first impression a viewer perceives upon seeing the new LAPD Headquarters is its proximity to the pedestrians.

As it is, most of the complex “is set back from the sidewalks…the resulting spaces are pedestrian-friendly” (Seib, 2009, p. 1). Inadvertently or otherwise, this creates an impression to the general populace that their police force is not an elitist entity whose main concern is limited to the reputation that they exude. Hence, through this technique, LAPD attempts to convey a message of warm yet professional reception; that they are ready and able to bring about solutions to whatever situation their duty calls for them to perform.

Another striking physical character of the LAPD Headquarters is its numerous and enormous windows, that when viewed for the outside, seem to create an effect that the majority of the building is made of glass. Thus, anyone who passes, irrespective of his race, ethnicity, socio-economic background, and religion is bolstered in his belief that LAPD is, and has always been transparent in their undertakings. The physical reflection on the glass windows of the very city that they serve adds to this transparency, perhaps as a consequence of the image that they witness.

This is especially true when viewed at certain angles where the reflection of the City Hall is clearly revealed on the entirety of its walls; clearly depicting a vision of the people that they serve. Upon witnessing the grandeur of the new LAPD building, a sense of curiosity develops as one sees the “sharp-edged roof slicing across” (Seib, 2009, p. 4) the edifice. However numerous its interpretation to the viewer may offer, the most distinct is its attempt to convey that LAPD cuts across every sector of the society, from the most modest to the most influential people that comprise its society.

It strongly suggests that monetary and societal stature will not be a deterring factor in the department’s duty of assuring that every member that falls under its jurisdiction is given his equal and fair treatment with regards to the law that LAPD upholds. A stark reminder as well as a warning to the violators of the law stands proud just outside of the doors of the LAPD Headquarters. This is the Wall of Brass, which is “a memorial to the fallen Los Angeles police officers” (Seib, 2009, p.

5). Resembling a compilation of brass paneling, each standing on top of one another to form an imposing wall, this structure conveys the strength of the organization through the reminder that many have given the ultimate sacrifice in the course of performing their duties. The basis of this reality can also be seen at the entrance courtyard, where the badges of the officers who have fallen in the lines of their duties are being proudly displayed.

Perhaps in including these symbolical representations within the complex’s area, the LAPD enlightens the people that they have a police force that is willing, and had in fact demonstrated the highest level of professional service. More important than simply being a reminder of the fallen officers, they represent the magnitude that the officers of the LAPD possess in their advocacy of promoting peace and order in their area of responsibility. Conclusion It is evident that several principles can be acquired from the physical construction of the new LAPD Headquarters.

Although these are of varying significance and doctrines, a common denominator seem to exist wherein the organization’s high standards of service and advocacy are clearly defined. The citizens of the greater Los Angeles area can most certainly agree that this new edifice is able to express the real meaning of their police force; as an organization that holds the highest standard of service. The detailed explication of the physical characteristics and its intended meaning can only supplement the reality that LAPD is truly an exceptional police organization.

This had been evidenced not only in several of their achievements, but more essentially in the lives that they had sacrificed towards their mission. The only difference is that, hitherto these sacrifices were not physically represented in their edifice, now it holds a special location that is inherent with the very structure. Based on this reasoning alone, it is truly deserving to be labeled as the new LAPD Headquarters. Reference Seib, A. (2009, October 22). Photos: New LAPD Headquarters. LATIMES. com. Retrieved May 16, 2010, from <http://www. latimes. com/entertainment/news/arts/la-et-lapd22-2009oct22-pictures,0,6408980. photogallery>

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