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Professional Statement

Life has different ways of affecting people. The circumstances that come with each situation were pivotal in how people would do things around them. My weakness has always revolved on how I could become of service to those who were in need. In addition to this, I also want to satisfy my curiosity on the different things that happen around me, especially in the field of Nursing. For this, I opted to focus more on medications and the treatment they give people, by acquiring a degree in Nursing.

As a young child, I have always exhibited a sense of maturity as compared to people my age. I was known to be well organized in everything that I do, and this was evident all the time. As a clear manifestation of such action, I followed a daily routine. This helped me to fulfill the duties that were deemed from me. This was also accompanied by my perseverance to always give my best in everything that I do. When I would indulge myself into doing something, I would never stop until I finish what was requested from me.

Furthermore, I enjoy the moments when my knowledge was enticed further. My experiences in the nursing field as a staff never became a problem for me, for I was able to finish my responsibilities smoothly. I was determined to achieve good patient service that strongly came as an advantage in the future. My co-workers and clinical instructors could attest to the fact that I was always present in my duties. As much as possible, I did not want to miss any of my duties. I wanted to be confident with my knowledge and the preparations needed for my Nursing profession in the future.

I beg to disagree with people who consider me to be the perfect staff in nursing. In reality, I am just like an ordinary individual who also has a life outside the career. Interacting with different kinds of people was never a problem for me, neither did I lack the confidence that most people my age suffered from. Behind the facade, I was someone who could converse with individuals easily. I guess this would come as an advantage, for effective communication was always expected from allied Health professionals. My goals and dreams in life are not halted after my commencement.

I envision honing myself further by increasing the level of knowledge that I have acquired through the years in school and in my experiences as a nursing staff. The rigorous training and the exemplary education that your institution would provide me with would help me to become one step closer to my dreams and aspirations. These would all come to my advantage, for I would be able to practice these in the nursing world. I want to be able to aid nations from all over the world, especially when dealing with health.

In my own little way, I want to be of service to those who were in need, wherein I may be able to make a difference in their lives. Furthermore, I also want to be up-to-date with the medical field, especially in the pharmacologic treatments that were administered for each disease. For all that has been said and done, I firmly believe that attending the (insert name of university here) is the best choice for me. This is the right path towards reaching my dreams. This institution is capable of honing promising students like me to excel in the field of Nursing.

It has wide array of academic resources which will aid me in my studies. Professors who are health experts will also give me vast knowledge regarding this field which I barely know. I am confident that the Nursing degree would not only help me professionally, but would also come as an advantage in my personal life. The stable pay that I would be able to receive from the said profession would allow me to support my family in every aspect possible. Regardless of where I may be, as a nurse, I would always be of service to others.

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