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Burney’s and Hawkins’ Johann Sebastian Bach

Who would have not heard of Johann Sebastian Bach? Bach has been very famous for his musical compositions in the baroque period. He has been one of the many prominent composers who have that distinct baroque style. Although not all musical masters ... read more

What seems to be a central aspect of Galbraith's liberal views?

John Kenneth Galbraith or more popularly known as JK Galbraith was a Canadian-American economist who was a proponent of the American progressivism and liberalism. Galbraith was able to write dozens of books and articles and some of his famous works... read more

Terrorism and Empire

Through his 2003 Like Zealots and Romans: Terrorism and Empire in the 21st Century article, author Henner Hess explores the phenomenon of terrorism. Related to this concept, Hess presents a definition of terrorism. Moreover, he presents and defines... read more

Are We Forcing Our Children to Grow Up Too Fast?

In the field of child development, scholars believe that there are two extreme schools of thought which have to be avoided if only parents can properly raise their children: absolute behaviorism and absolute cognitivism. On the one side of the spec... read more

On Feminism and Anti-Neo Liberalism

Dr. Peggy Antrobus- an academic, social worker, consultant and advisor to various local and international women’s organizations including United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), and Develop... read more

Education today

Education is highly valued in today’s society. It is the key to getting well-paying jobs that would allow them to live securely and comfortably. Thus, many are willing to invest much time and money to get into expensive schools that promise to gi... read more

Arnt I a Woman?: Female Slaves in the Plantation South

The Reconstruction of the South brought a new era for black women. For the first time, they were able to obtain some rights, hold their families together from racial oppression, resist economic and political manipulations, and maintain the integrit... read more

On Christian Liberty

The Roman Catholic Church has a long history of strife and reformation to establish its teachings as a legitimate instrument and reflection of God’s words. Perhaps the earliest major struggle which the Church experienced was the time when Martin ... read more

Understanding Literacy and Growth Throughout Adolescence

After reading, comprehending and critically analyzing Susan Hynds’ “On the Brink”, the struggles that adolescent students go through are brought to the teachers’ knowledge. Moreover, they as well recognize the real-life hassles and tussles ... read more

On Berry and Single-Issue Movements

The word “environmentalism” today invokes an almost instantaneous connection to a range of single-issue environmental movements and for good reason. The past three decades or so have seen the proliferation of organizations with a narrowed-down ... read more

On Being an Atheist

What is an atheist? Before discussing H. J. McCloskey’s “On Being an Atheist” it is quite necessary to establish our understanding about what atheism is. Jeaneane Fowler defines atheism as “the belief that God does not exist. ” From the G... read more

OWhat Makes A Male, Male?

Men in American go through a socialization process which by more definitions make them male. Henslin goes into detail with this socialization process by stating that at an early age the American male is taught to not cry (as opposed to his female c... read more

The Soul of Black Folk by W.E.B Du Bois

W. E. B Du Bois the soul of black folk is a collection is fourteen essays written a hundred years ago. They follow a time after the emancipation proclamation was passed and follows the lives of former slaves while addressing issues related to life,... read more

On Aminianism and Predestination

The teaching of Jesus as quoted by Apostle John in John 3:16 states, “…so that every one who believes in him should not perish but have eternal life” clearly emphasized that man has part in the salvation which Jesus Christ had accomplished. T... read more

The loss of the Olympic Spirit due to Excessive Commercialization

The Olympic events are a global event of winter and summer sports in which numerous competitors participate in a broad range of events. The games are presently held after a period of two years with winter and summer Olympic Games alternating. Initi... read more

On Combat by Lt. Col. Grossman and Loren Christensen

On Combat gives a detailed account of what happens to a human body goes through during stressful situations like war or combat of any kind. The authors, Grossman and Christensen have already written books on this subject. But the collaboration brin... read more

Preparations for Olympics

The Olympic Games is one of the most-awaited global events. Preparations for this event usually take years in order to ensure its success. Long before the actual Olympics, the host country undergoes meticulous preparations. Athletes are not the onl... read more

Various stages of suffering

My argument in regards to Omelas is a simple one. There is no way to introduce morality into this story because there is nothing moral within this story. For me, morality has to be directed towards people with whom we have affective ties and becaus... read more

Opium Wars

Aside from being considered as China’s most humbling defeat in European history, the Opium Wars, sometimes referred to as the Anglo-Chinese War, also gave way to one of the most inhuman events in European history, rivaled only by the excesses com... read more

Opinions and Social Pressure

1. “Suggestibility” was first related to hypnosis in the field of psychology. It was, according to Hyppolyte Bernheim, an extreme form of normal psychological process. It meant that monotonous instructions given to some people can make them do ... read more

Non Renewable Resources

Nature is man’s gift. We live in a world where all we need to survive is around us. God has bestowed on us natural resources to meet our daily needs. However, we owe it to ourselves and the unborn generation to preserve these resources. Some of t... read more

Modern society

The OP-Ed article which I chose was contained in the Santa Fe New Mexican on Friday, May 7th, 2010 on page A-7. The article was written by Michael Shermer who lists himself as the publisher of Skeptic magazine and an adjunct professor at Claremont ... read more

The movie “Oppenheimer"

This is a movie review of the movie “Oppenheimer. ” Oppenheimer was directed by Barry Davis and was released on May 11th, 1980 in USA. The plot of the movie basically revolves around the biography of the American physicist who led the U. S. eff... read more

Opposing Positions

Torture is one among the most debated issues; there are several thoughts and views on intentionally infliction of mental or physical pain. There are many queries related to necessity of torment and its ethical-moral convictions. Is it human or inhu... read more

Forecasting at Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock uses forecasting to predict retail sales, banquet sales and concert sales at each of its cafes in the world. For example, the general manager of each cafe uses the financial report from the previous year’s sales to predict daily sales f... read more

Fight against Oppression through Education

Jean-Jacques Rousseau declared in his book Discourse Concerning the Origins of Inequality that oppression has its roots when humans started to settle in groups and establish agriculture on which people learn to descend into the level of servitude f... read more

Entertainment Censorship

It is very common of the government the censure the content or the substance of the entertainment. Censorship could be referred to as an act of controlling information relayed by the media to the public. This involves deleting or purging off some p... read more

Oppression against Women

The case’s of discrimination on the basis of gender have been a part of almost every society’s history, be it the east or west, history is littered with different cases and experiences of women being discriminated against and treated as an infe... read more

Object Oriented Development

The topic ‘Object Oriented Development’ consists of progressively developing a software application which would form a real world model of the business scenario. It gives a true picture of the real world entities and the association among them.... read more

Obese Individuals as Causative Agents of Global Warming

Currently, it is obvious that people are more concerned about the environment and the planet as a whole, and in result there are generally more discussions regarding global warming. It is rather common that the causes of global warming have been pi... read more