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One Minute Of My Life In Biopsychological Terms

I have just seated myself before my desk and am preparing this essay regarding the description of approximately one minute of my life in biopsychological terms. As I am writing this essay, I am typing the letters of words on my laptop and I have be... read more

A Place of Friendship

There are a few places in a person’s life that makes a profound impact that, for some, defines their character, while for others determines the course of their entire future. Writer Lawrence Durell says that “we are the children of our landscap... read more

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

Ken Kesey's novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest uses a complex combination of narrative point of view and literary symbolism to create a story which is rich with sociological and political themes. At its heart, the novel is one which deals with ... read more

One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest (1975)

One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) is one of the greatest American films I have ever watched and it is one of the best films ever made. The movie is a based on the novel by Dale Wasserman (Wasserman, 1974). Only a few films created during its p... read more

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

A Psychological Perspective of Group Psychotherapy Films, precisely because they depict the richness of human reality, can be framed using a number of differing lenses. Put in other words, any person watching a movie possesses, in a manner of speak... read more

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

Randle Patrick McMurphy is an eccentric man. He chose to be confined in a mental institution rather than serve his sentence in jail. For most people, he may be considered a reject of the society, but for the patients of the all-male asylum he is in... read more

One Country, Two System Model In Hong Kong

Twelve years ago, international headlines and the international community’s eyes were focused on the events that were unfolding in China. This was a year that would mark the end of British reign in Hong Kong and the world was anxious over what th... read more

One cost of the Chilean Capital controls

This article is about the control of capital flow by Chile by imposing short term taxes on the inflows. The article discussed the imposition of the tax created significant financial constraints for the smaller firms specially and as such as the fir... read more

One Art by Elizabeth Bishop

A casual reading of Elizabeth Bishop’s One Art may lead one to the idea that it is a casual poem and not too deep. But it deserves a deeper reading for better appreciation and understanding. The poetry seems fluid and devoid of the formality and ... read more

The Last Blow

William: (To Sophia) Yes? (Sophia, pretending not to have heard him, ignores him and keeps on staring to the empty space. ) I am talking to you! Sophia: About what? Kyle: (To no one in particular. ) Do you guys realize that this thing is addictive?... read more

Renaissance Artist: Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci made his appearance on the artistic platform during the Renaissance in the 15th century. He was the personification as the Renaissance man: painter, architect, costume designer, author, botanist, musician, engineer, inventor and m... read more

The Known Discipline

John Holt’s “On Discipline” is a discussion about the Discipline of Superior Force which most people knew as the meaning of discipline. However, according to Holt, there are three disciplines that a child would experience while growing up: Di... read more

Alan Duff

Once we were warriors is a book written by Alan Duff who is a New Zealand author. It is one of the best selling first novel, which was first published in 1990. Once we were warriors is a fiction in nature. This book is more influenced by the childh... read more

Development of violent behaviors by adolescents and young adults.

There have been studies conducted to find out the cause of violent behavior among adolescents and young adults. This is necessitated by the increased rates of violence experienced among many people. Criminologists claim that increased violent behav... read more

On Thinking Institutionally

We, the people, have lost faith in institutions. There are daily reports in the media that priests have sexually abused children, governments have cheated the people, businesses have fooled their consumers, schools have discriminated against studen... read more

“On the side of the Angels” (A Case Study)

Enron Corporation had suffered financial bankruptcy obviously because of financial manipulations of many of its executives which has long been going on but continued to be unchecked for years. This was reflected in the statement of its newly electe... read more

On the Removal of Tariffs

Tariff is a tax imposed on imported products. There are two kinds of tariffs levied on imports, one is the specific tariffs which is a fixed charge for each unit of imported good, the is other is the ad valorem tariffs which are levied as a proport... read more

Empathy and Respect in Things Fall Apart

Things Fall Apart is a novel by Chinua Achebe about the Igbo people and the changes they were experiencing during the British rule. The main protagonist is Okonkwo, a largely influential man in his village. Achebe evokes the empathy and respect of ... read more

On the Definition of Family

Corbett (2004) defines family as “a unit of people connected by natural genealogical links most basically and ideally consisting of a father mother with their children, or in a means which morally and legally replicate these natural genealogical ... read more

On the Beach

On the Beach, written by British-Australian novelist Nevil Shute is a post-apocalyptic novel that conceptualized the end of the world through the after effect of a nuclear war. Published in 1957, the plot of the story focused on the southern hemisp... read more

On Skepticism

This paper will attempt to accomplish three things: first, to deal with the basic motivators, both historical and philosophical, of the skeptical school, second, to deal with its basic principles and possible starting points and thirdly, to offer a... read more

On Satire in Aristophanes The Clouds

Ian Johnston's inquiry into the function and nature of satire in Aristophanes' The Clouds invites the reader to contemplate various levels of satirical or ironic expression and to view the play as perhaps much more than a comedic slap at the social... read more

On Refuting the Concept of Universal Morality

Cognitive scientist Rebecca Saxe, in her work “The Right Thing to Do”, advises her readers to approach advances in her field particularly those concerning morality not only with enthusiasm but with caution, and for good reason. Although recent ... read more

On Providence

Providence is the fundamental catalyst of any deterministic society that has full faith towards their god, and is also the proof for those who believe that things happen for a purpose, even accidents that were less likely to happen to the most piou... read more

On Moral Obligation

John Arthur argues that “our moral "intuitions" include not only the commitments they emphasize but also entitlements, which suggests that people who deserve or have rights to their earnings may be allowed to keep them”. Against the idea put fo... read more

Definition of Effectiveness

In basic terms, effectiveness is defined as a measure of quality of a certain process. It is the level to which goals and objectives are achieved and the extent to which problems and other considerations are taken into account and resolved. In busi... read more

Сommend social phenomena

Making ‘friends’ online is a commend social phenomena among adolescents of developed countries today. Social networking sites such as ‘Facebook,’ ‘Bebo,’ ‘Myspace,’ and ‘Friendster’ all serve to make the world a ‘smaller’ pl... read more

Good communicatio

Good communication is the key to a better understanding in any given organization. In an online setting, one has to ensure that his or her message would be received by the recipient without any miscommunication. In this setting, the teacher has to ... read more

On Liberty and The Subjection of Women

The concepts of liberty as well as feminism or women’s equal rights have long gained undeniable significance among people and the society in general. The seriousness of their qualities and relevance of their implications speak of their need to be... read more

Leibniz and Possible Worlds

Leibniz argument that our world is the best of all the possible worlds that God can create is his attempt to defend God's omni characteristics. In addition, it is also his attempt to explain the evil and sin that is present in our current world. Th... read more